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What is Biomass Energy?

With growing awareness of the impact of fossil fuels on the natural environment and their common usage in buildings, architects are increasingly required to specify and accommodate alternative energy sources in their design approaches. Included in this portfolio of progressive energy sources is biomass, a scalable system that combines the usage of raw, sustainable materials with a lower resulting emission of CO2. As a method often heralded as the most transferable alternative to gas and coal, we answer a simple question: what is biomass energy?

How BIM Can Make Building Renovations and Retrofits More Efficient

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an increasingly common acronym among architects. Most offices and professionals are already migrating or planning to switch to this system, which represents digitally the physical and functional characteristics of a building, integrating various information about all components present in a project. Through BIM software it is possible to digitally create one or more accurate virtual models of a building, which provides greater cost control and efficiency in the work. It is also possible to simulate the building, understanding its behavior before the start of construction and supporting the project throughout its phases, including after construction or dismantling and demolition.

Reforma do Mason Bros Warehouse / Warren and Mahoney. Image © Simon DevittReforma do Mason Bros Warehouse / Warren and Mahoney. Image © Simon Devitt© Bruce DamonteNovo Laboratório, Centro de Pesquisa e Fábrica / Marvel Architects. Image © David Sundberg | Esto+ 9

Pierhouse & 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge / Marvel Architects

© Eric Laignel© David Sundberg | Esto© David Sundberg | Esto© David Sundberg | Esto+ 34

St. Ann's Warehouse / Marvel Architects

© David Sundberg | Esto© David Sundberg | Esto© David Sundberg | Esto© David Sundberg | Esto+ 28

New Lab, Research and Manufacturing Center / Marvel Architects

© David Sundberg | Esto© David Sundberg | Esto© David Sundberg | Esto© David Sundberg | Esto+ 15

Statue of Liberty Museum / FXCollaborative

© David Sundberg — Esto© David Sundberg — Esto© David Sundberg — Esto© David Sundberg — Esto+ 23

UN and Yale University Unveil "Tiny House" as the Future of Eco-Living

In an effort to spark public discussion and new ideas on how sustainable design can manifest as decent, affordable housing, Yale University has collaborated with UN Environment and UN-Habitat to unveil a “tiny house” fully powered by renewable energy. At 22-square-meters, the eco-house is designed to “test the potential for minimizing the use of natural resources such as water.”

The prototype was unveiled during the United Nations High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, constructed from locally-sourced, bio-based renewable materials. While the first prototype is designed for the climate and context of New York, future iterations can be adapted for site-specific conditions around the globe. Design and fabrication of the module was carried out by Gray Organschi Architecture, working in direct partnership with the Yale Center for Ecosystems in Architecture.

© David Sundberg/Esto© David Sundberg/Esto© David Sundberg/Esto© David Sundberg/Esto+ 26

Pennsylvania Farmhouse / Cutler Anderson Architects

© David Sundberg / ESTO
© David Sundberg / ESTO

© David Sundberg / ESTO© David Sundberg / ESTO© David Sundberg / ESTO© David Sundberg / ESTO+ 13

Lakewood, United States

Chilmark House / Gray Organschi Architecture + Aaron Schiller

© David Sundberg / Esto             © David Sundberg / Esto             © David Sundberg / Esto             © David Sundberg / Esto             + 23

Dukes County, United States

35HP / Joeb Moore & Partners

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Studio Gang, SANAA Among Winners of 2017 AIA Institute Honor Awards

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) have named 18 architectural and interior projects as recipients of the 2017 Institute Honor Awards, the profession’s highest recognition for excellence in design.

According to the AIA, “the 2017 Architecture program celebrates the best contemporary architecture regardless of budget, size, style, or type. These stunning projects show the world the range of outstanding work architects create and highlight the many ways buildings and spaces can improve our lives.”

The awarded projects were selected from nearly 700 submissions. The winners will be honored at the 2017 AIA National Convention in Orlando.

Exhibition: Brooklyn in Process, Work by Marvel Architects

While architecture sets the stage for everyday life, the methods behind its making often remain unseen. In the exhibition Brooklyn in Process, New York City-based practice Marvel Architects invites visitors to consider recent projects from unconventional perspectives. On display are aerial views of buildings alive in the urban fabric, juxtaposed with intimate sketches suggesting design schemes that never came to pass. The exhibition rejects traditional presentations of architecture as static and finished.

AIA Names 10 Most Impressive Houses of 2015

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) have announced the recipients of the 2015 Housing Awards. Currently in its 15th year, the awards are designed to “recognize the best in US housing design” and “promote the importance of good housing as a necessity of life, a sanctuary for the human spirit and a valuable national resource.” This year, the jury awarded ten designs in three categories. See them all, after the break.

Marlboro Music: Five Cottages / HGA Architects and EngineersBroadway Affordable Housing / Kevin Daly Architects160 Massachusetts Avenue Tower / William Rawn Associates. Image © Bruce T. Martin PhotographyBayview Hill Gardens / David Baker Architects. Image © Matt Edge+ 11

Conservation Hall / archimania

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Faith & Form's 2014 Religious Art & Architecture Award Rewards Diversity in Religious Design

Originally published by The Huffington Post as "These Religious Architecture Award Winners Evoke The Sacred In Unconventional Ways," this article reveals the winners in the 2014 Religious Art & Architecture Award run by Faith & Form, an organization dedicated to promoting the architecture of worship.

What makes a space sacred?

If the winners of Faith & Form's 2014 Religious Art & Architecture award are any indication, it may be something different every time. A high ceiling, curved walls, stained glass windows or lush landscaping -- no two winners are alike, and yet each offers viewers a fresh way of interacting with the divine.

Take a look at some of Faith & Form's 2014 award and honor award winners for religious architecture after the break

© Peter Calvin© Paul Lukez Architecture© Alan Karchmer© David Sundberg/Esto+ 19

The Other "Green Way": Why Can't New York Build More Quality Affordable Housing?

This article originally appeared on uncube magazine as "An Affordable Housing Complex in the Bronx Revisited."

Two years after the completion of Grimshaw and Dattner's acclaimed Via Verde ("Green Way"), no successors have even been proposed for this supposed model for the design and construction of new affordable housing. In this article, David Bench returns to the site, finding that the sustainable project's lack of impact is caused by a completely different type of "green."

Affordable housing is the quest of every New Yorker. The routes to finding it are mysterious and widely misunderstood, as they are made up of a myriad of buildings, programmes, and rules that have failed to keep pace with the production of luxury housing and gentrification of middle class neighbourhoods in the city. This apartment anxiety has led to such amusing and fateful reactions as the creation of the Rent is Too Damn High political party – whose name speaks for itself – and an economic narrative that propelled Bill de Blasio from a long-shot mayoral candidacy to an overwhelming majority on election day in 2013. Soon after taking office, de Blasio unveiled the most ambitious affordable housing program in generations, which aims to build or preserve 200,000 units in the next decade.

Stonington Residence / Joeb Moore & Partners

Hotchkiss Biomass Power Plant / Centerbrook Architects & Planners

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