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Photo Booth Pantheon / Paradigma Ariadné

Photo Booth Pantheon / Paradigma Ariadné - Temporary Installations, Facade, ArchPhoto Booth Pantheon / Paradigma Ariadné - Temporary Installations, Arch, FacadePhoto Booth Pantheon / Paradigma Ariadné - Temporary InstallationsPhoto Booth Pantheon / Paradigma Ariadné - Temporary InstallationsPhoto Booth Pantheon / Paradigma Ariadné - More Images+ 36

  • Architects: Paradigma Ariadné
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area:  60
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2019

CARNIVAL: Hello Wood's 10th International Summer School and Festival for Architecture

Architects of the future use Carnival festivities to end outdated ideas

Hello Wood asks entrants to its intentional summer school to consider the topics that contemporary architecture should be answering.

The annual festivities of Carnival, see communities coming together to celebrate the end of a period of time and the beginning of a new era. Proposals should have this in mind since the summer school will say farewell to its past ten years with its own festival, culminating in a parade with the installations as the stars. Performative creations are a much greater focus for the Hello Wood summer school this year than ever before, meaning portable architecture will be an integral aspect of the successful proposals. This parade will even see past workshop leaders and participants returning to take part in the procession, which will lead down into the nearby village joining a local cultural festival with thousands of attendants of the general public.

Hello Wood Launches Call for Team Leaders and Students at Project Village 2017

Masters of wooden architecture and design, Kengo Kuma & Associates, expert of portable architecture, Robert Kronenburg, prestigious architectural and design studios, Local Architecture Network (France) and SKREI (Portugal), and International landscape and urban designers, Groundlab will be some of the most inspiring guests at Hello Wood international summer school & festival for the arts and architecture this coming summer. This year promises to be a unique one as the three-year-long architectural experiment and research programme called Project Village—exploring the relationship between communities and their built environment by building its own settlement—comes to its final stage calling new participants to question, respond to, build on, or dissect the existing artefacts, concepts and ideas. In a special year, special participants are needed: Hello Wood calls for team leaders and students to apply to the summer school and festival (1-9 July 2017) and join the continued exploration of building a community settlement, responding to the theme "Shaping Communities: Courtyards." Read on to see some highlights from the past 7 years of this unique annual event.

Hello Wood 2015: Project Village

Hello Wood is looking for students and young architects, designers, and artists in their Project Village, its 2015 workshop and symposium held 11-19 July. Applications are due before the 16th of May.

This year’s event follows the success of Hello Wood’s workshop in the summer of 2014, which saw participation from over 120 architects, artists and designers from 25 countries. Project Village will examine the typology of the village and the means for its production, proposing new and more efficient methods of master planning and construction. Among the invited team leaders of Hello Wood 2015 are: the founder of Invisible Studio and Studio in the Woods, Piers Taylor; winner of ArchDaily’s Building of the Year 2014 award, Katsuya Fukushima; and founders of 72 Hour Urban Action architectural group. Open Call for students is available here.

Hello Wood 2014

Hello Wood is an international art program, taking place in Csorompuszta, the countryside of Hungary between July 19 and July 27, 2014.All work, produced there, carries two attributes: it’s mostly from wood and it’s characterized by an interplay of art and social commitment. Hello Wood integrates various fields of art, design and science; it creates community and encourages talent. It brings together students and professionals from across borders, moreover it connects everyday people with the designer community.

This year, participants will have the opportunity to create 12 wood installations. To participate, you need to fill out the application form until May 16. The organization is also having an open call for workshop leaders. 

All the information regarding the event, participation and workshop leaders after the break.


BigO / CODA - Landscape ArchitectureBigO / CODA - Landscape ArchitectureBigO / CODA - Landscape ArchitectureBigO / CODA - Landscape ArchitectureBigO / CODA - More Images+ 9

Hello Wood 2013: Step Closer!

Back for its fourth year, the creative camp Hello Wood was held last month in Hungary, set in the countryside north of Lake Balaton. At Hello Wood, 120 young designers and architects worked with leading experts to create installations which approach issues of society and community in architecture, ideas encompassed by this year's motto "Step Closer!" Twelve teams had one week to create these installations using timber as their primary material, with the projects being judged and a winner awarded at the end of the week.

Read on to find out about the installations, and which one was judged the winner, after the break

Hello Wood 2013: Step Closer! - Landscape ArchitectureHello Wood 2013: Step Closer! - Landscape ArchitectureHello Wood 2013: Step Closer! - Landscape ArchitectureHello Wood 2013: Step Closer! - Landscape ArchitectureHello Wood 2013: Step Closer! - More Images+ 9