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Wood cladding - Facade | Parklex International S.L.
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Wood cladding - Facade | Parklex International S.L.

  • Use

    Exterior cladding
  • Applications

    Ventilated facades, louvres, overlapping slats, suspended ceilings, curved walls
  • Characteristics

    No maintenance, fire resistance, permeability, thermal insulation, solar and acoustic protection
  • Sizes

    Whole panel: 2440 x 1220 mm / Thicknesses: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 20, 22 mm (Other thicknesses may be available upon request)
  • Certification

    European Technical Approval, Environmental Product Declaration, Documento de Idoneidad Técnica.

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More about this product

Enfolding architecture in a stable and sturdy covering that projects a sound and natural appearance in coexistence with its surroundings. These are the aims of Facade, which technically is a high-density laminate timber panel. Manufactured from kraft paper treated with thermoset resins, pressed under high pressure and temperature and finished with natural timber veneers highly resistant to UV radiation and atmospheric agents. Facade includes Everlook®, a special overlay that dramatically increases the normal life of the panel, improving UV resistance and color stability. It also allows for the development of new panels with an extensive range of finishes with no need for further treatment, which makes it an exemplary model of sustainability and comfort throughout its life.

Parklex Facade Construction

Parklex Facade Construction

Installation as a ventilated facade
This is a bioclimatic architecture solution that takes the surrounding climatic and natural conditions into account to minimize environmental impact. Its main advantage is energy efficiency. In addition to providing thermal insulation, it reduces heat dissipation in the cold months and heat absorption in the warmer months, resulting in a marked improvement in comfort. These advantages, coupled with a sophisticated and appealing appearance, make the ventilated façade the ideal system for building renovations.

    • Permeability Moving air diffuses water steam from the inside out and facilitates the ‘breathing’ of the façade, preventing condensation from forming behind the panels and rainwater from infiltrating the building structure.
    • Thermal insulation The load-bearing structure is insulated from the exterior structure, eliminating thermal bridges. In this manner, temperature fluctuations are reduced in the interior, leading to energy savings.
    • Solar protection Thermal comfort is improved inside the building by preventing overheating in the summer, as it facilitates the ‘breathing’ of the façade. This assists by reducing the amount of thermal energy that reaches the inside of the building. The internal structure is protected from direct radiation and from environmental elements.
    • Acoustic protection Since this is a layered compound system, noise absorption is created.

No Maintenance
The surface composition of Parklex products protects against adverse weather conditions, eliminating the need for any maintenance or treatment.

The European Standard EN 438-6:2005 specifies that exterior-grade compact laminates such as Facade should provide specific resistance to weather conditions according to the Resistance to Artificial Weathering Test. After 3,000 hours of exposure, the material should have a rating variation of ≥ 4 in appearance and a rating of ≥ 3 in contrast. Facade attains these values following exposure of up to 5 times those required by the standard.

Fire safety
The basic safety requirements reduce the risk of damage caused by accidental fire due to the characteristics of the project, construction, use and maintenance of the building to acceptable limits. In this sense, Parklex Facade reports the best possible results for organic materials, according to the European Standard EN 13501: Reaction to fire.

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