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Photovoltaic Cladding | Ductal®
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Photovoltaic Cladding | Ductal®

  • Use

  • Applications

    Residential, hotels, corporate, educational, retail, healthcare, collective housing
  • Characteristics

    Fibrous UHPC (Ultra-High-Performance Concrete) panels, organic film technology, even distribution of energy generation, sustainable
  • Format

    Large-format panels
  • Sizes

    1,200 x 3,600 mm
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More about this product

Ductal® is a fibrous, ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) which is available with a photovoltaic film incorporated into the large-format panels. Ductal®'s research center is innovating and anticipating requests related to future thermal regulations, to this end, they are utilizing a new thin organic film technology developed by the German company Heliatek. The resultant photovoltaic cladding combines aesthetics and sustainability in local power generation management.

Even Distribution of Energy Generation

In countries situated above the 30th parallel north, Ductal® photovoltaic cladding stands out by generating electricity in the early morning and late afternoon, thereby reducing the gap between generation time and consumption time, which has a direct impact on the sizing of electricity storage systems. The photovoltaic cladding also provides peak electricity generation in the spring and the autumn, when traditional rooftop photovoltaic solutions are characterized by a very low yield.

The graph below highlights the complementarity of a traditional rooftop photovoltaic solution, which is effective during the summer, and a facade-mounted Ductal® photovoltaic cladding solution on a 5-story building 60% of which is covered using the OPV Heliatek technology:
Ductal® photovoltaic cladding performs well during inter-season periods, thereby enabling an increase in the electricity generation range that is more evenly distributed across the year.

Available Surface Area

The higher the building, the higher the proportion of available facade surface area to the rooftop:

Storey's Facade surface area Roof surface area
2 900m² 500m²
5 1,700m² 500m²
8 2,600m² 500m²

Return of Investment

Country Cost of Electricity (€/kWh) Payback (years)
Denmark 0,31 €/kWh 5 years
Cyprus 0,29 €/kWh 4 years
Germany 0,27 €/kWh 5 years
Belgium 0,28 €/kWh 5 years
Italy, Spain, Portugal 0,23 €/kWh 4 years
Switzerland, Austria 0,20 €/kWh 6 years
UK 0,18 €/kWh 8 years
Luxembourg 0,17 €/kWh 8 years

For more information regarding Ductal® photovoltaic cladding click here.

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