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Rainscreen Cladding Panels for Lightweight Facades in Apartment Block | Ductal®
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Rainscreen Cladding Panels for Lightweight Facades in Apartment Block | Ductal®

  • Use

    Facades, Thermal Insulation
  • Applications

    Residential Building
  • Characteristics

    Energy-efficient, cost-effective solution, increased resistance, and protection, wide range of customization options
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More about this product

For this 4-story residential building containing 11 low-energy apartments, the architects set out to meet all the environmental requirements set by the City of Paris, particularly those in regard to thermal efficiency.

Ductal® cladding panels were chosen as the best solution as they deliver a detailed design layout and maintain the personality of the building.

This project is a solution for a stone-like cladding applied to a wood frame structure. As a very fluid material, Ductal® has a surface quality that is visually superior to traditional concretes while retaining the authenticity of mineral material, it allows the building to blend into the existing streetscape and use external thermal insulation of the highest quality.

Ductal® Rainscreen Cladding panel solutions provide energy efficiency and respond to increasingly rigorous thermal building standards and norms worldwide. By adopting a sealed exterior layer of insulation, these systems allow less expensive retrofits and renovations of older buildings while also offering a cost-effective insulation solution for new buildings.

The big advantage of Ductal® lies in the thinness of the panels, making it possible to maintain reasonable dimensions for the facade.

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