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Textured Panel | Ductal®
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Textured Panel | Ductal®

  • Use

    Façade, cladding and sun shades
  • Applications

    Offices, commercial, public and educational buildings, collective housing and shopping centers
  • Characteristics

    Precast elements UHPFRC (Ultra High Performance Fibers Reinforced Concrete)
  • Format

  • Colors

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More about this product

Ductal® is one of the finest concrete material able to reproduce every kind of texture and pattern to create elements such as panels, sun shades, canopies and more with unique design and aesthetical aspects. Ductal® offers nearly endless architectural possibilities.

Whether you’re working on high rises, offices, shopping centers, apartments or public buildings, you’ll find that UHPC Ductal® textured panel solutions provide the right mix of sustainability, durability, low porosity, fire resistance and aesthetic flexibility that’s just right for any design. It can be used alone or in an External Thermal Insulation (ETI) system as an effective response to the latest thermal regulations.

Main Advantages:

  • Fire resistant: A1 and A2s1d0.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ductal®’s self-consolidating behavior and fine-grained texture result in a surface finish that replicates mold materials with the greatest precision.
  • Tailored elements with unique design and a wide range of possibilities

Ductal TexturedPanel - Thiais Bus Station

Technical Details:

Panel Dimensions: Adapted to the project, the façade layout, element shape, and size, kind of texture. Average size: 10 to 15m²
Thickness: From 16mm (for standard cladding) to 6cm or more (big and complex tailored elements) according to the façade layout, element shape, and size, kind of texture
Weight: From 35 - 37 kg/m² (for standard cladding) to 80-100 kg/m² or more (big and complex tailored elements) according to the façade layout, element shape and size, kind on texture
Fire classification: A1-A2s1d0 (European legislation)
Surface treatments:

Anti-graffiti, Water-repellant, Glazing

Fixing systems:
  • Adapted to the panel depth: Rail systems, dowel systems, insert systems, hanger, pined stoned system, etc.
  • For standard cladding: Concealed attachments(rail-mounted), Face-fastened attachments using screws
Corner treatments: Beveled Corner, Cross corner, One-piece Corner

Impact resistance possibility (Q4 in France), Aesthetic customizable


The Constitution Wall in Rome

In Rome, Italy, on the Janiculum Hill stands the Constitution Wall by Annalaura Spalla. This symbol of liberty has inscribed in perfect detail the entire 1849 Constitution of the Roman Republic. The Ductal® panels are directly attached to the existing wall. Originally conceived in conventional reinforced concrete, Ductal® UHPC allowed the creation of thinner panels (9 cm vs 20 cm) with a slender upper section (4 cm vs 20 cm), enabling reduced panel weight and a number of connections.

Ductal Textured Panel - Constitution Wall

Louis Vuitton “Maison” store in Miami

A beautiful façade for the Louis Vuitton "Maison" store in Miami, Florida, has a unique, seamless appearance like a white screen catching the sunlight. This artistic creation was achieved using a combination of flat and curved white Ductal® UHPC panels that are just 25 mm thick and produced in two different patterns to mimic the iconic Louis Vuitton flowers.

Ductal Textured Panel - Louis Vuitton Store

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