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Ductal® Cladding in Cepovett Headquarters | Ductal®
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Ductal® Cladding in Cepovett Headquarters | Ductal®

  • Use

    Double facade
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Durable, low-porosity, resilient, ductile
  • Format

    Concrete mesh
  • Colors

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More about this product

This Ductal®-clad facade was part of the extension and redevelopment of the Cepovett's head office. Cepovett is the French head of professional clothing, located in Gleizé, in the Rhône.

Starting Point

The original building, built 15 years ago by aum, consists of 400 m² of offices and two warehouses of 5000 m². It was necessary to modify and enlarge this existing set in order to add 1800 m² of offices and 5000 m² of warehouse.


The idea behind the new project was to cut the existing office building in two and create a notch inside the storage, revealing two intimate patios, visible only by the occupants of the building and offering a generous amount of light inside the offices. To improve the integration of the head office into its site, it was necessary to modify the access to the buildings since the existing entrance was turned away from the main axis of the village.

Project Phases

The project was organized into two phases so that company activity was not affected during the 18-month construction period:

  1. The creation of an extension
  2. The redevelopment of the existing portion


The office building is organized around several areas of activity grouped into open space around an atrium. The control of all technical parameters is centralized and automated. In addition, smart building management allows employees to be connected to company buildings, which allows, for example, room occupancy planning for optimized space management.

The architecture of the building is based on a mixed structure of steel and self-placing white concrete. The first floor is dressed with a white Ductal® concrete mesh. The technique of a mixed framework was chosen to allow both a certain technical fluidity and the incorporation of aesthetic elements into the design.

Ductal® Mesh

The Ductal® mesh offers a double facade that allows the maintenance of large windows, plays the role of contemporary moucharabieh and protects the floor from the sun's rays.

Project Data

Location Gleizé, France
Delivery 2019
Architect Agence AUM Pierre Minassian
Precaster TAPORO

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