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Polymer Concrete Facade in Vertical Slat Home | ULMA Architectural Solutions
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Polymer Concrete Facade in Vertical Slat Home | ULMA Architectural Solutions

  • Use

    Ventilated facade
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Customizable, lightweight, adaptable, energy efficiency
  • Format

  • Certification

    European Technical Approval, DIT Certificate (Technical Approval Document)
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More about this product

A vertical slat solution with 20-mm joints was installed in a terraced house in Spain using polymer concrete facade panels from ULMA.


The challenge for the project was to develop a facade with vertical slats that would join the house frameworks and could adapt to the existing distance between windows.


The architects: Taller SAU, found a solution by installing large picture windows from wall to wall and installing slats using a tubular profile, placed in front of the windows to filter out the light. Thus the facade system consisted of a vertical cladding solution with recast 20-mm joints combined with the vertical slat system using ULMA polymer concrete panels. The solution emphasizes the verticality of the design and has been well received as an aesthetic choice.


For the building skin, a stone-like texture was selected: the Earth texture, developed with a personalized color to match with the color palette specified by the Barcelona City Council. Polymer Concrete is a very versatile material, meaning that the ULMA could provide personalized panels to the clients’ needs, in terms of both texture color.


City Barcelona
Country Spain
Products used Vertical cladding solution
Project type New Construction
Architects Taller SAU

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