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NATURCLAD - W Wood Facade in the Aspen Art Museum | PARKLEX PRODEMA
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NATURCLAD - W Wood Facade in the Aspen Art Museum | PARKLEX PRODEMA

  • Use

    Woven timber facade
  • Applications

    Cultural/Exterior, facade
  • Characteristics

    Curved, maintenance-free, weather resistant
  • Colors

  • Certification

    2017 AIA Institute Honor Award winner in Architecture
  • Guarantee

    10-year warranty
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Located in the state of Colorado, USA, the Aspen Art Museum is designed with a focus on durability, sustainability, and innovation. The building’s most striking feature is the exterior facade made of PARKLEX PRODEMA's NATURCLAD - W panels, which help to protect it against Aspen’s cold weather.

PARKLEX PRODEMA worked closely with the Shigeru Ban architectural team to produce a mock-up of the facade prior to construction and ensure an effective on-site assembly. These environmentally conscious design efforts earned the Aspen Art Museum the 2017 AIA Institute Honor Award in Architecture.

Woven Wood Panels | ProdEx

Design Concept

In designing the Aspen Art Museum, Shigeru Ban Architects emphasized opacity as a feature that allows visitors to experience the indoor and outdoor spaces simultaneously. From the glass elevator to the woven wood NATURCLAD - W facade, the museum is characterized by transparent and open materials which give inhabitants views of their surroundings. Thus, the Aspen Art Museum provides diffused lighting conditions for an overall unique art-viewing experience.

Woven Wood Panels | ProdEx

NATURCLAD - W Woven Facade

Shigeru Ban Architects collaborated with PARKLEX PRODEMA to create the woven NATURCLAD - W exterior facade and timber support frame for the roof which diffuses the light that enters through the glass walls and skylight. This creative solution maximizes the distribution of natural light inside while minimizing exposure to direct sunlight on artworks. The facade is made with NATURCLAD - W wood panels that were curved on-site and meticulously interwoven to allow strategic openings.

The woven wood facade mimics the principle of ‘thermos’, whereby protective exterior spaces work to keep interior rooms at a constant temperature. To complement Shigeru Ban Architects' sustainable design elements, the facade is made from PEFC certified NATURCLAD - WNATURCLAD - W wood panels, while the openings allow for passive ventilation to maintain indoor comfort and sunlight strategies to heat the building in the cold Aspen climate.

Woven Wood Panels | ProdEx

NATURCLAD - W Wood Cladding Benefits

  • Maintenance-free HPL wood panels
  • PEFC-certified raw material
  • Weather-resistant
  • UV-ray resistant tone
  • Complete installation system
  • On-demand project assistance service

Project Details

Location Aspen, Colorado, United States
Architect Shigeru Ban Architects
Area 3,065 m2
Year Completed 2014
Project Type Cultural
Awards 2017 AIA Institute Honor Award winner in Architecture
Photography Michael Moran, Derek Skalko
Products Used PARKLEX PRODEMA NATURCLAD - W wood cladding panels
Wood Tone Rustik

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