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Motorized FlexShade® Roller Shade | Draper
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Motorized FlexShade® Roller Shade | Draper

  • Use

    Interior window shades
  • Applications

    Residential, Commercial, Healthcare, Institutional and Corporate
  • Characteristics

    Manufactured in the USA, able to control multiple shades with one motor, includes 4-wire motor, motors can be programmed for automation, affordable, easy to install and customizable
  • Guarantee

    25 years; 5 years on electronic accesories and motors

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More about this product

Combining high-tech convenience and multiple control options, the Motorized FlexShade® window shade features the ability to synchronize automated control between groups of window shades or entire floors in large buildings.

Window treatments that facilitate solar control by reducing solar heat gain are an integral solution for sustainable architecture, and impact occupant comfort and productivity. The daylighting strategy of a green building is made easy with custom shading which can be used to provide glare control shading or let in natural light.

Location: Champaign Public Library, Champaign, IL. Architect: Ross Barney Architects, Chicago, IL. Dealer: Real Designs, Champaign, IL. Photography by Barry Rustin, Evanston, IL.


  1. FlexShade® Recharge
    A rechargeable, motorized window shade. Features quiet operation and ease of installation in difficult areas with no wiring or electrician needed. Sizes through 12'x12'.
  2. FlexShade® Battery
    Where hard-wiring is not an option, the Battery Powered FlexShade® window shade is easy to install and comes with a reloadable battery wand.
  3. FlexShade® ST30 DC
    With a low-voltage motor and small installation footprint, the FlexShade® ST30 DC window shade reduces wiring costs and fits small spaces. This motorized shade is available in 24V RTS, 24V dry contact, and 24V 485 platform technologies.
  4. Motorized FlexShade® 50 DC
    A low-voltage motorized solution for larger widths, the Motorized FlexShade® 50 DC offers an intelligent motor or a radio frequency (RF) motor. The acoustic performance of less than 38dB- provides reduced operational noise levels and comes with a 24V power wire.
  5. Motorized FlexShade® AC
    A UL Listed interior shading system that features a 4-wire motor equipped with easy push-button limits and offers a wide array of external IntelliFlex® control options. Whether the concept is simply to control a few shades or to implement a more extensive project for an entire building, the Motorized FlexShade® AC is ideal for church, residential, commercial, healthcare and governmental applications.
  6. Motorized FlexShade® 485 AC
    High-tech convenience coupled with a wide array of control options makes the UL Listed Motorized FlexShade® 485 AC window shade the perfect choice to integrate large-scale commercial systems. An encoded motor provides a wide range of applications, from the high-end home user to the integration of window shading with commercial lighting systems. The Motorized FlexShade® 485 AC provides the scalability to synchronize automation between just a few window shades or entire floors within large commercial buildings.
  7. Motorized FlexShade® RTS AC
    The UL Listed Motorized FlexShade® RTS AC window shade offers a 3-wire motor that features parallel wiring, electronic programmable limits, and a multitude of control options. With a hand-held remote control and Plug & Play options, this easily programmable shade is the ideal choice for the office, boardroom, small commercial settings, residential, and church applications.
  8. FlexShade® 2
    For intermediate size windows in between the Motorized FlexShade and Colossal FlexShade.
  9. Motorized FlexShade® XL
    With a 5” (13 cm) profile, the wall- or ceiling-mounted FlexShade XL window shade features the largest cassette-style Draper FlexShade. At up to 25’ (762 cm) wide, this shade utilizes an improved 127 headbox with an integrated cradle support system to allow wider widths while minimizing deflection. The FlexShade XL is powered by an RTS motor with a built-in radio transmitter for wireless remote control. Available in sizes from 13' to 25' (396 cm to 762 cm) wide, depending on fabric selection. Utilizes curved or angled 5” h (127 mm) ZIP 127 headbox. Hardware finish choices: clear anodized (standard), black, white, ivory, or charcoal bronze. Custom powder coat colors are available.

  10. Colossal FlexShade®
    Offers superior control of heat gain and glare in large shading applications. This window shade maximizes the ability to reduce any light gaps by minimizing the number of window shades required for coverage. Available in sizes through 28'9" wide and 40' tall depending on fabric.

Draper Roller Shades are manufactured in the USA using primarily USA-woven fabrics from Phifer and Mermet, ensuring a simple and direct supply chain that gives Draper maximum control over fast deliveries and product availability.

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