The Definitive Works of 2019 Pritzker Prize Winner Arata Isozaki

The Definitive Works of 2019 Pritzker Prize Winner Arata Isozaki

Today, Japanese architect and theorist Arata Isozaki was announced the winner of this year’s Pritzker Prize, the most highly regarded award in the world of architecture. Since the 60’s, Isozaki has been showing outstanding innovative ideas in his works, influencing eastern professionals with the forward-thinking approach that takes its roots from Japan. The 87-year-old architect boasts multiple built projects of different scales all over the world — from Tokyo and Shanghai, to Barcelona and Qatar. Let’s take a look at the immense list of Arata Isozaki’s projects and recreate the architects' professional development path since his very first works.

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2014-2017 Bass Museum expansion, Florida, USA
2011-2017 Hunan Provincial Museum, Changsha, China
2011-2013 LUCERNE FESTIVAL ARK NOVA (collaborated with Anish Kapoor) Miyagi(2013,2014), Fukushima(2015), Tokyo(2017), Japan
2009-2015 Harbin Concert Hall, Harbin, China

2008-2014 Shanghai Symphony Hall, Shanghai, China

Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. Image © Chen Hao

2007-2011 New Library Maranello, Maranello, Italy

2007-2014 Krakow Congress Center, Krakow, Poland

Ice Kraków Congress Centre. Image Courtesy of Ingarden & Ewý Architects + Arata Isozaki & Associates

2006-2009 Xixi Wetland Museum, Hangzhou, China
2004-2005 Hotel Puerta America, Madrid, Spain
2006-2008 Hara Museum ARC extension (Kankaian), Gunma
2005-2010 Obscured Horizon, California, USA
2004 University of Central Asia, Master Plan, Naryn Campus, Kyrgyz (2016), Khorog Campus,Tajikistan (2018), Tekeli Campus, Kazakhstan (under construction)

2004-2011 Qatar National Convention Center, Doha, Qatar

© Nelson Garrido. ImageQatar National Convention Centre

2004-2015 Jianchuan Museum Complex, Japanese Army Museum, Jianchuan, China

2004 TEDA Two Decade Anniversary Urban Memorial Monument Design, Tianjin, China Allianz Tower, Milan, Italy

2003-2014 Allianz Tower, Milan, Italy

© Alessandra Chemollo. ImageALLIANZ Tower

2003-2013 Himalayas Center, Shanghai, China

2003-2008 Central Academy of Fine Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing, China
2003-2008 Shanghai Mandarin Palace, Shanghai, China
2004-2009 Qingdao Guiyuan Garden, Qingdao, China
2004-2010 Megaron Concert Hall, Thessaloniki, Greece
2003-2009 China International Practical Exhibition of Architecture – Conference Center, Nanjing, China
2002-2006 Torino 2006 Winter Olympic Games Ice Hockey Stadium, Torino, Italy
2002 Inscribed Monument to Shinichiro Nakamura, Nagano
2001-2005 Isozaki Atea-Urbitarite Project, Bilbao, Spain
2001-2004 Qatar Education City Master Plan, Doha, Qatar

1999-2002 La Caixa Forum, Entrance Court, Barcelona, Spain

Centro Cultural Caixa Forum Barcelona. Image © Felipe Ugalde

1998-2008 Shenzhen Cultural Center, Shenzhen, China
1998-2005 Kitagata Town Community Center, Gifu, Japan
1997-2003 Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media, Yamaguchi, Japan
1997-2002 Tokyo Geriatric Complex, Tokyo, Japan

1996-97 Art Plaza renovation (former Ōita Prefectural Library), Ōita, Japan

Oita Prefectural Library. Image via Flickr user kentamabuchi licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

1996-2002 Ceramic Park MINO, Gifu, Japan
1995-99 Gunma Astronomical Observatory, Gunma, Japan
1995-98 Akiyoshidai International Arts Village, Yamaguchi, Japan
1995-98 Center for Advanced Science & Technology, Second Construction Period, Hyogo, Japan
1995-97 Yamanaka, Fukuoka, Japan
1994-99 Ohio Center of Science & Industry, Ohio, USA

1994-97 Museum of Modern Art, LA; Contemporary Art Wing, Gunma, Japan

Museum of Modern Art in LA. Image © Yasuhiro Ishimoto

1993-98 Granship-Shizuoka Convention & Arts Center, Shizuoka, Japan
1993-97 Shizuoka Performing Arts Center, Shizuoka, Japan
1993-96 Okayama West Police Station, Okayama, Japan

1993-95 Domus: La Casa del Hombre, La Coruña, Spain

Domus: La Casa del Hombre. Image © Hisao Suzuki

1993-94 Luigi Nono’s Tomb, Venice, Italy
1993-2000 Bass Museum expansion, Florida, USA
1993 Inscribed Monument to Michizo Tachihara, Nagano, Japan
1992-98 Daimler Benz AG, Project Potsdamer Platz Block C2+C3, Berlin, Germany

1992-98 Nara Centennial Hall, Nara, Japan

Nara Centennial Hall. Image © Hisao Suzuki

1992-94 Nakaya Ukichiro Museum of Snow and Ice, Ishikawa, Japan
1992 Meiteisen Temporary Tea Pavillion, Shizuoka, Japan
1991-95 B-con Plaza-International Convention Hall, Ōita, Japan
1991-95 Kyoto Concert Hall, Kyoto, Japan

1991-95 Toyonokuni Library for Cultural Resources, Ōita, Japan

1991-94 New Toga-Sanbo Theater, Toyama, Japan

1991-94 Nagi Museum of Contemporary Art, Okayama, Japan

1991-92 Guggenheim Museum SoHo, New York, USA
1990-94 Manggha Center of Japanese Art and Technology, Kraków, Poland
1990-93 Harima Science Park, Urban Design Planning, Center for Advanced Science & Technology, Hyogo, Japan
1990-92 Uji-An Tea Ceremony House, Tokyo, Japan
1989-91 Tateyama Museum of Toyama and Youboh-kan Hall, Toyama, Japan
1989-90 JR Kyushu Yufuin Railway Station, Ōita, Japan
1988-91 Marutan Building, Kanagawa, Japan
1988-90 Hara Museum ARC, Café and Terrace, Gunma, Japan
1988-90 International Friendship Pavilion, EXPO ’90 International Garden and Greenery Exposition, Osaka, Japan
1988-90 Acqua Hall, EXPO ’90 International Garden and Greenery Exposition Osaka, Japan
1988-89 Tokyo Christian College, Chapel, Chiba, Japan
1987-96 Pabellón Polideportivo, Palafolls, Spain
1987-90 Team Disney building, Florida, USA
1987-90 Kitakyushu International Conference Center, Fukuoka, Japan
1987-89 Bond University – Library, Administration Building, Faculty of Humanities Building, Queensland, Australia
1987-89 Clubhouse, Lake Sagami Country Club, Yamanashi, Japan
1987-88 G Gallery, London, England
1987-88 Hara Museum ARC, Gunma, Japan
1986-93 Tokyo University of Art and Design, Tokyo, Japan
1986-92 The Brooklyn Museum Expansion, Brooklyn, New York, USA in partnership with James Stewart Polshek

1986-90 Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki, Japan

Mito Art Tower. Image via Wikimedia user Korall licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

1986-87 Clubhouse, Musashi-kyuryo Country Club, Saitama, Japan
1985-88 Narimasu Church, Tokyo, Japan
1985-86 Kitakyushu City Museum of Art, Annex, Fukuoka, Japan
1985 Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Café and Terrace, Tokyo, Japan
1985 Nishi Toyama Tower Garden – Tokyo Globe-za Plaza,Tokyo, Japan
1985 “I” House Ōita, Japan
1984-87 Ochanomizu Square Building – Casals Hall, Tokyo, Japan
1984-87 Toga-mura Japan Performing Arts Center, Library and Studio, Toyama, Japan
1984-85 Iwata High School, Gymnasium and Dormitory, Ōita, Japan

1983-90 Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games Main Sports Hall – Palau D’Esports Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain

Palau Sant Jordi. Image © Hisao Suzuki

1983-86 Yokoo Studio, Tokyo, Japan
1983-85 Shinoyama Studio, Tokyo, Japan
1983-85 Palladium Club, New York, USA
1983-84 Glass Art Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan
1982-86 Housing Block 4, House 2, IBA, Berlin, Germany
1982-84 Okanoyama Graphic Art Museum, Hyogo, Japan
1982-83 Nakagami House, Fukui, Japan
1982 Togamura Amphitheater, Toyama, Japan
1982 Hauserman Showroom, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, USA

1981-86 The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles California, USA

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles. Image via Flickr user jchatoff licensed under CC BY 2.0

1981-86 Björnson Studio and House, California, USA

1981-82 House with Three Walls, California, USA

1980-82 Toga Sanbo Theater, Toyama, Japan

1980-81 Etoh Clinic, Ōita, Japan

1979-83 Tsukuba Center Building, Ibaraki

1979-80 Irahara House, Fukuoka, Japan
1978-83 Fukuoka City Bank, Head Office Expansion, Fukuoka, Japan

1978-80 Gymnasium and Dining Hall of Nippon Electric Glass Company, Shiga, Japan
1978-79 Hakubi Kyoto Kimono School, Tokyo, Japan

1977-79 Aoki House, Tokyo, Japan

1977-79 Ōita Audio-Visual Center, Ōita, Japan

1977-78 Karashima House, Ōita, Japan

1977-78 Sueoka Clinic, Ōita, Japan

1976-78 Kamioka Town Hall, Gifu, Japan

1976-77 Hayashi House, Fukuoka, Japan

1976-77 Kaijima House, Tokyo, Japan
1976-77 Otomo Sorin’s Tomb, Ōita, Japan

1975-77 West Japan General Exhibition Center, Fukuoka, Japan

1974-75 Shuko-sha Building, Fukuoka, Japan

1974-75 Karuizawa ASKA Lodge Project, Nagano, Japan

1973-75 Yano House, Kanagawa, Japan

1973-74 Clubhouse, Fujimi Country Club, Ōita, Japan

1973-74 Kitakyushu Central Library, Fukuoka, Japan

Kitakyushu City Library. Image © Yasuhiro Ishimoto

1972-74 The Kitakyushu City Museum of Art, Fukuoka, Japan

1972-73 Fukuoka City Bank, Saga Branch, Saga, Japan

1971-74 The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma, Japan

© Wiiii / Wikimedia Commons. ImageMuseum of Modern Art in Gunma

1971 Gunma-no-mori Park, Gunma, Japan

1971 Fukuoka City Bank, Nagasumi Branch, Fukuoka, Japan

1971 Fukuoka City Bank, Ropponmatsu Branch, Fukuoka, Japan

1970-72 Ōita Medical Hall, Annex, Ōita, Japan

1970-71 Fukuoka City Bank, Tokyo Branch, Façade and Interior Design, Tokyo, Japan
1968-71 Fukuoka City Bank, Head Office, Fukuoka, Japan

1967-69 Fukuoka City Bank, Daimyo Branch, Fukuoka, Japan

1966-70 EXPO ’70 Osaka, Festival Plaza, Osaka, Japan

1966-67 Kuju Mountains Cenotaph for a Poet, Ōita, Japan

1966-67 Fukuoka City Bank, Ōita Branch, Ōita, Japan

1965 Urban Planning, Kenzo Tange Team, Skopje, Yugoslavia

1964 Nakayama House, Ōita, Japan

1963-64 Iwata Girls’ High School, Ōita, Japan

1962-66 Ōita Prefectural Library, Ōita, Japan

1959-60 Ōita Medical Hall, Ōita, Japan 

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