Open Call: Santiago Launches International Competition for "Nueva Alameda Providencia”

Open Call: Santiago Launches International Competition for "Nueva Alameda Providencia”

The Metropolitan Regional Government of Santiago, Chile has launched a Two Stage International Public Competition for the development of the urban design and engineering of the urban axis Alameda Providencia. This axis is not only the main avenue of the city of Santiago de Chile, but is also considered to be the “heart of the metropolis” and the republic's most representative public space. The 12 km corridor integrates civic, symbolic and economic functions, represented by the highest concentration of retail, business and civic activities of the Metropolitan Region.

Based on the national relevance of this space, this competition not only aims to select the best team of professionals, but also the best comprehensive urban design, public space, landscape and urban mobility proposal, which considers the demands of the inhabitants of the city of Santiago for a better quality of life and the need for revitalized public spaces and public transport improvements. The Master Plan should take into account the surrounding buildings and natural heritage, land uses and existing and future social activities along this metropolitan axis.

The Conceptual Master Plan should consider that Santiago's Metropolitan Transit System is an open system. Therefore, the proposals should be functional for bus services entering or leaving at various points along its 12 kms and/or at its ends; that is, the infrastructure must allow for intermediate points where buses can enter and/or exit, in addition to at the ends. Due to this, bus courtyards are not required, yet spaces for frequency regulation are.

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International Public Competition "Nueva Alameda Providencia” 

Location: Santiago, Chile
Language: Spanish
Estimated Design & Engineering Contract Fee: US$4,700,000
Duration of Design & Engineering Contract: 940 days
Estimated Construction Cost: US$205,000,000

May participate teams composed by professionals or technicians, Chilean or Foreign, in disciplines such as architecture, urbanism, landscape and engineering; in any case, at least one member of the team should be a transportation engineer (must attach degree) so to ensure an integrated and multidisciplinary approach. The team leader must be an architect with at least 7 years experience since his/her degree (must attach degree). In addition, must meet ONE of the following requirements:

  • Have built as an architecture team leader or as a team landscape architecture project for a total of at least 10,000 sqm.
  • Have won a public landscape architecture competition in Chile or abroad, even if the project has not been implemented.
  • Have developed and approved a Study ofUrban Development Plan or Zoning Plan for a state agency or municipality.
  • Have a registration in category II or higher, Register 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3. at the Ministry of Public Works (Ministerio de Obras Públicas).
  • Have a registration in category II or higher in the chapter "Estudio de Proyectos", specialty of architecture and / or urban planning, National Register of Consultants of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (Ministerio de Vivienda y Urbanismo)

The registration and RFP's are FREE. The official language of this Competition is SPANISH and the official bidding documents are the ones in SPANISH at the website Bidding Process N°1260-10-LP15. All questions or inquiries regarding the competition and the documents shall be made to the following e-mail address:

In order to select the best team and the best urban design ideas for the Alameda Providencia Axis, the Metropolitan Regional Government of Santiago have defined a process in two stages.

Stage 1 /   Pre selection Competition of Conceptual Master Plans 
Among all the proposals submitted, which will be evaluated anonymously by a jury, only the top 5 Conceptual Master Plans for Alameda Providencia Axis will be selected.  

The evaluation criteria will consider consistency and innovation of the urban development vision for the axis (40%); quality of the proposed public space in relation to the existing conditions (30%); and the ability to better enhance the functioning of the public transport system (buses) and its integration with other modes of mobility (30%).

The Conceptual Master Plans should consider all areas and neighborhoods 500 meters north and south from the axis Alameda Providencia and up to 1000 meters at each end (east and west) of the considerate length. The resulting area is understood to be the area of direct influence of the axis on land uses and pedestrian mobility and on which the Conceptual Master Plans proposals should be focused in.

The Conceptual Master Plans should consider the following minimum conditions:

  •  Intervention should focus on existing public space in the different local land use plans along the axis.
  •  An appropriate integration of proposed public and transport space with land uses, neighborhoods and adjacent areas, relieving the built heritage and natural heritage, improvement and expansion of pedestrian areas and the possibility of new equipment and facilities in central green area of Alameda Ave.
  • Should permit displacement of at least 280 buses/hour/direction, increasing the capacity of public transport in the axis to 25,000 passengers hour/direction, with a commercial speed of public transport buses of at least 23 km / hour.
  • Should consider operation of express bus services, new bus stops and bus stations for extra-vehicular payment, infrastructure for frequency regulation and solution for cyclists.

Regarding its proposed Master Plan, entrants shall submit within three anonymous boards (no name or any identification of any kind), which should not indicate or imply its responsibility, in free form as follows:

  • General Urban Plan (1: 5000), presenting a metropolitan vision of the urban development of the " Axis Area Alameda-Providencia", identifying the existing condition and proposals for urban intervention on the public spaces and transit system. This plan will be submitted to occupy the three sheets horizontally.
  • Concepts and Strategies of Urban Design by sections or sectors through sections, texts, drawings, renders, 3D visualizations and diagrams that explain the urban analysis, urban design concepts and conceptual design proposals of representative public spaces of different sections and nodes. It is requested to include a table with estimates of surface (sqm) for pedestrian spaces, cycle paths, landscaping, driveways and bus vehicle, equipment or other facilities proposed.

The three boards will be presented in a uniform size of 90 x 110 cm (35.43 "x 43.31"), without any edges or margins drawn, oriented horizontally.   In all will be drawn parallel to the bottom edge, the indication North and the number of the board.   The three boards will be delivered mounted on a resistant lightweight transport and folding rigid panel, especially for review at the reception of the proposal. Presentation techniques and arrangements are absolutely open and left to the discretion of the project designer(s). However, textual descriptions should be expressed in Spanish Only and should be incorporated into the graphic presentation of the project as well as included in the Conceptual Design Report.

The Conceptual Design Report should be submitted in 18 copies ringed letter size of 27.94 x 21.59 cm. (8.5 "x11"), where the overall rationale of the proposal include the conceptual basis of the Master Plan and the justification of the criteria and strategies adopted in respect of landscape, urban areas, mobility and transport. The report should include a table with estimates of surface (m2) intended for public spaces and pedestrian sidewalks, bike paths, parks, roads and bus vehicle, equipment or additional facilities. CD or DVD copies of the films submitted, report and project images in PDF format to a size and scale appropriate for publication on the web or for print should also be submitted. Both the Conceptual Design Report and the CD or DVD are also supposed to be anonymous (no name or any identification of any kind).

Along with the above, entrants are also asked to submit a sealed envelope, with no name or any identification of any kind which must contain: Simple Affidavit (Annex 1), an identification of the responsible Architect (Annex 11), photocopy of the Certificate of Title of the responsible Transport Engineer and the means of verification requested in item "Pre-selection of bidders Mechanism" of section 10 of the bidding.

Foreign professionals are required to legalize given professional qualification. It must be satisfied with the current procedure in accordance with current legislation, in general terms, as it follows:

- Must be certified by the competent local authority of the country of origin it was awarded, according to its own laws.
- Must be legalized by the Chilean Consul in the country of origin.
- Once in Chile, it must be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for legalization (Agustinas Street N° 1320, Santiago, First Floor, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 14:00 pm, This procedure should last a couple of hours.

Receiving records for the shortlist selection will take place at Bandera Street #46, Santiago (Chile), with the presence of a Certifying Public Official that will be in charge of labeling all documentation.

Stage 2 /   Technical and Economic Bids of Preselected Proposals
Preselected teams must submit record to assess the experience of each bidder (10%), the quality of their team (40%), quality of their work proposal (20%) and their Master Plan adjusted, based on the Stage 1 jury´s observations (30%).  

April 13, 2015 – Competition Launch
April 13, 2015 – Beginning requests for clarification
April 27, 2015 - Briefing within 10 business days (in Spanish)
May 5, 2015 - Deadline requests for clarification
May 11, 2015 - Webinar (Briefing in English)
May 14, 2015 - Submittal of answers and clarifications
June 26, 2015 – Conceptual Master Plans submittal deadline (Stage 1)
July 13, 2015 - Announcement of Conceptual Master Plans preselected teams
September 8, 2015 - Technical and Economic Proposals Bids submittal deadline (Stage 2)
September 17, 2015 - Technical Evaluation Publishing
October 10, 2015 – Winner announced
November 4, 2015 – Contract Signing


  • First Prize (One entry): Stage 2 Design & Engineering contract +publication and exhibition of master plan
  • Second Prize (Up to 4 entries): US$25,000 each entry + publication and exhibition of master plan
  • Honorable Mention (Up to 3 entries): publication and exhibition of master plan

For both the Administrative Rules and Technical Rules, whenever reference "Transport Engineer" means:

  • Civil and / or Industrial Engineering with a major in transportation,
  • Or, Civil or Civil Works Civil Engineers with experience (must demonstrate in accordance with the provisions of the bidding rules)
  • Transport Engineer as such

The bidding clarifications (in Spanish) are already uploaded at the bidding website ID N°1260-10-15lp, under the icon “Preguntas Licitación”.

The Webinar (Briefing in English) can be downloaded from the “Background Information” file at the website

More information on the competition as well as background information at the website:

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