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Single-Skin Metal Panels: Construction Tips and Details for Building Envelopes

The façade is one of the most important elements in an architectural project. In addition to being the building's first barrier against heat, rain, snow, or wind, it also largely determines the appearance of a building. It can make the project stand out, blend into urban context, or even manifest, at first glance, values of transparency, lightness, or simplicity that the architect seeks to convey. Accordingly, the façade also constitutes a significant portion of the total cost of the work and, therefore, must be specified very carefully, taking into account aesthetics, functionality, maintenance, and long-term behavior.

Metal Profiles Coated with Wood Veneers: 7 Options for Applying them to Architecture

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For many, the aesthetics of wood are powerfully enchanting. With a huge diversity of species and innumerable variations in colors, weights, and textures, wood is one of the most highly appreciated materials of all time. But the unrestrained logging of forests for use in construction has had and will continue to have enormous environmental impacts if precautions such as sustainable management, legitimate certification, or reforestation are not taken. Being an organic material, when used for construction, wood tends to morph under conditions of humidity, heat, and loads, and its fibers eventually deform over time. In addition, wood is a material that does not respond well to environments where it is soaked and dried repeatedly, which can cause it to rot after some time if it is not adequately waterproofed. Therefore, there are some situations where using wood may not be a good idea.

AluProfile. Image Cortesia de TechnowoodAluSiding. Image Cortesia de TechnowoodAluSiding. Image Cortesia de TechnowoodGRP_Siding. Image Cortesia de Technowood+ 33

Three Japanese Young Architects To Breathe New Life Into an Iconic French Castle

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Hiroshi Toda, Mitsuki Shibairi, Kahara Mori are the three members of team D-D-D rewarded with the 1st Prize and a “Castle Choice” Mention at the COMMON RUINS international competition held by ​YAC - Young Architects Competitions and Mothe Chandeniers​ .

Real-time Rendering in Architecture Evolves to Become a Natural Workflow Enhancement

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The field of architectural visualization has come a long way: It used to be a very time and cost-intensive process that only larger firms could afford and was usually outsourced to specialist companies that let their supercomputers render images for days or even weeks. Whilst this still might sound familiar to some architectural companies, the reality today is that something else is becoming the new standard in visualization: real-time rendering.

United States, China, and Japan Earn Top Spots in the World Design Rankings

While we wait for summer 2020 and another chance to watch the medal counts climb and cheer on our home countries in the next Olympics, a different type of international contest has tallied its scores and the United States has taken the gold in the World Design Rankings, with China and Japan following for second and third place respectively. Sponsored by the international A’ Design Award and Competition, the world’s largest and most diverse design accolade, the World Design Rankings are compiled based on the number of designers from each country granted an A’ Design Award.

Zhongnan Mansion Clubhouse / Kris Lin. Image © KLIDShaw Contract Group Atlanta Showroom Showroom + Office / Perkins + Will. Image © Gabriel Benzer and Nigel MarsonN8-house [ House of III-BOX ] Residential House / Masahiko Sato. Image © Toshihisa IshiiUrban Skyfarm / Steve Lee. Image © Aprilli Design Studio+ 23

6 Easy Tutorials for Better SketchUp Renders

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V-Ray is an incredibly powerful renderer — but it’s also remarkably easy to use. The number-one* 3D renderer used in architectural visualization is battle-tested and industry-proven, used daily to realize world-class products, buildings and much more. And if you like to spend the majority of your time being creative but still crave the highest quality images possible, V-Ray can help you easily and speedily render everything from your quickest concepts to your largest and most detailed 3D models.

What’s more, it works seamlessly with SketchUp’s versatile 3D modeling tools while also being built with a full set of creative tools for lights and materials. The best part, perhaps, is that you don’t need to be a rendering expert to get great results with V-Ray. This collection of six, simple, quick-start tutorials will help you learn how to use V-Ray Next for SketchUp — and give your renders a boost in no time at all.

Let’s get started!

Design by DoomoCourtesy of Chaos GroupDesign by DoomoCourtesy of Chaos Group+ 7

Trend Watch 2019: 3-Dimensional Walls, Ceilings, and Surfaces

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Linear patterns in interior spaces are prevalent throughout northern and western Europe. Not only to create texture but also to define space and direct the eye. Here in New York, 3-dimensional walls, ceilings, and surfaces are being utilized more and more to add contrasting form and scale to interior spaces. Moreover, the current obsession with anything mid-century modern has led to a resurgence of linear and slatted pattern-making in many forms.

© Plyboo© Plyboo© Plyboo© Plyboo+ 15

Sustainable School Design: How Hamilton + Aitken Architects Maximize Natural Light Using Vectorworks

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“When we started out, our goal was to change the world, to do something that would really make a difference to the lives of people,” said Chad Hamilton, AIA LEED AP BD+C, Principal Architect of Hamilton + Aitken Architects (H+AA). “And education is one of the things that really determines how people live the rest of their lives. “So, for us it’s just a wonderful feeling, to improve kids’ educational spaces.”

Architects to Project Managers: Making the Leap

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Keypath Education
Keypath Education

Commercial project performance has risen globally on a year-to-year basis. Reports from the Project Management Institute (PMI) show that 71 percent of projects have met their original goals and business intent in 2018, up from 68 percent in 2016.

Project managers have continued to be a driving force behind this change and they are in high demand around the world. PMI also reported the need for 97.7 million project professionals globally by 2027. Without qualified talent in these positions, billions of dollars could be lost to businesses worldwide.

Call for Submissions: Sport Citadel

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YAC - Young Architects Competitions launches “Sport Citadel”, a competition of ideas aiming to design a sport citadel near Turin, in one of the largest sport districts in Europe. A cash prize of € 20,000 will be awarded to winners selected by a well-renowned jury made of, among the others,​ Dang Qun (MAD Architects), Hitoshi Abe, Peter Eisenman, Andrea Maffei.

Are There Existing Daylight Design Standards? Learn about the First European Standard

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Published at the end of 2018, the new European Standard EN 17037 deals with daylight in buildings. It is the first Europe-wide standard to deal exclusively with the design for, and provision of, daylight. EN 17037 replaces a patchwork of standards across different European countries or provides one where no existing standard is present.

Early Call for Entries: A' Design Awards & Competition 2019-2020

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The A’ Design Award was "born out of the desire to underline the best designs and well-designed products." It is an international award whose aim is to provide designers, architects, and innovators from all design fields with a platform to showcase their work and products to a global audience. This year's edition is now open for entries; designers can register their submissions here.


Giovanni Battista Piranesi didn’t use Photoshop®, nor Illustrator®—Learn to “see” space in this exciting debut course with Roy Pachecano that offers an exciting opportunity in New York City, the art and design capital of the world, to learn how to translate ‘natural views’ into drawing. Whether you are an architect, illustrator, or simply someone who loves to draw and be outside this intensive workshop is for you.

Natural Authentic, Lively and Unique Look - Swisspearl Largo Vintago

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The mineral material of fiber cement combined with a sanded surface gives Vintago a natural authentic, lively and unique look.

Click here to learn more about the brand new Swisspearl Largo Vintago. Swisspearl will be happy to send you a product sample or arrange a one-on-one consultation with you.

Architecture For Exhibition: Lectures And Internships With International Architectural Firms

YACademy launches the second edition of Architecture for Exhibition, a high-level training course offering 8 scholarships and internships in internationally-renowned architectural firms.

114 hours of lessons, a 30-hour workshop, lectures and placement opportunities in  internationally-renowned architectural firms like DAVID CHIPPERFIELD ARCHITECTS - ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS - ALL DESIGN

International LafargeHolcim Awards for Sustainable Construction Open for Entries

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Call for Exemplary Construction Projects, Visionary Design Concepts

Courtesy of Lafarge Holcim Foundation
Courtesy of Lafarge Holcim Foundation

The LafargeHolcim Awards seeks leading projects of professionals as well as bold ideas from the Next Generation that combine sustainable construction solutions with architectural excellence. The 6th cycle of the international competition is open for entries until February 25, 2020. The Awards offer a total of USD 2 million in prize money and foreground projects and concepts from architecture, engineering, urban planning, materials and construction technology, and related fields.

YACademy's Course in Architecture for Food

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YACademy launches the first edition of Architecture for Food, a high-level training course offering 8 scholarships and internships in internationally-renowned architectural firms.

102 hours of lessons, a 30-hour workshop, lectures and placement opportunities in internationally-renowned architectural firms like L22, MVRDV, Snøhetta, and Barozzi Veiga.

What is Healthy Lighting?

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© Alcon Lighting© Alcon Lighting© Alcon Lighting© Alcon Lighting+ 7

Talieh Ghane researches the interaction between light and health at the California Lighting Technology Center. We talked about the biological vs. visual system of light, how to synchronize your circadian clock for better health, how light is like a drug, and why you shouldn’t be on your phone right before bed (guilty).