William McDonough to be Stanford University’s First Living Archive

NASA Sustainability Base / + Partners and AECOM

William McDonough of William McDonough + Partners has decided to become Stanford University‘s first “” in an effort to change the way we as humans remember and record our daily lives. Although technologies such as FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Vimeo have made verbal and visual documentation a much larger part of our lives, McDonough has decided to record nearly every moment of his day – every day – for the greater, intellectual good.

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Milan Expo 2015

© herzog & demeuron
© Herzog & de Meuron

The conceptual master plan for the World Exposition 2015 resulted from the teamwork of five architects: Jacques Herzog, Mark Rylander, Ricky Burdett, Stefano Boeri, and .  Working with the theme “feeding the planet, energy for life”, the exposition will be a planetary botanical garden that will “feed Milan literally, spiritually and intellectually.”  The architects created the framework for the exposition and organized an orthogonal bridge that contains an agrofood park and is surrounded by water ways.

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