Polish Pavilion Milan Expo 2015 / 2pm Architekci

The idea behind the project for the Polish Pavilion at EXPO 2015 in Milan refers to Polish orchards and horticulture, very significant to the Polish landscape and economy. It is being realized through the use of a motif of a wooden apple box, normally used in shipment as a packaging for fruits and vegetables.

Lino Russo's "Skymetric" Series Highlights the Architecture of Milan Expo

© Lino Russo
© Lino Russo

Mid-way through the 2015 Milan Expo, Italian photographer Lino Russo is offering the world a fresh look at the exposition with a series of abstract images that backdrops parts of the colorful pavilions with the sky.

"The subject highlights the decontextualization of places and architectural spaces in order to alter the natural structure," says Russo, referring to these images as his second "Skymetric" series. "These places considered have in common the fact to be all completely square, regular and schematic, so achieving geometric shots in a minimalist context, where the simplicity and cleanliness reign supreme." 

© Lino Russo © Lino Russo © Lino Russo © Lino Russo

Children Park at EXPO 2015 / ZPZ Partners

Courtesy of ZPZ Partners Courtesy of ZPZ Partners Courtesy of ZPZ Partners Courtesy of ZPZ Partners

Milan Restores Famous Rainbow Tower Tiles

The Milan City Council, in partnership with the Rete Ferroviaria Italiana Gruppo FS Italiane railway authorities, has completed the restoration of the famous Torre Arcobaleno (Rainbow Tower) at Porto Garibaldi. 

Once an anonymous water reservoir in the 1960s, the tower was renovated for the 1990 World Cup as part of an initiative in Italy to “turn downtrodden public works into highly recognizable urban beacons.” At this time, the tower was a piece of the Wonderline project, which connected art and architectural initiatives to themes of color, designed to express “the desire to inhabit our planet intelligently, creating a harmony between technology, nature, innovation, and tradition.”

Villaggio Save The Children / Argot ou La Maison Mobile

© Marco Menghi © Delfino Sisto Legnani © Marco Menghi © Delfino Sisto Legnani

Moroccan Pavilion Milan Expo 2015 / OUALALOU+CHOI

  • Architects: OUALALOU+CHOI
  • Location: Padiglione Marocco - Expo 2015, Via Belgioioso Cristina, 70, 20157 Milano, Italy
  • Architect in Charge: ​Tarik Oualalou, Linna Choi
  • Area: 1300.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Photographs: ​Luc Boegly

© ​Luc Boegly © ​Luc Boegly © ​Luc Boegly © ​Luc Boegly

Video: The Wings / Studio Daniel Libeskind

Daniel Libeskind teamed up with the professionals at Immersive and Innovision to realize the four 10-meter-high, "shimmering" sculptures that are outlining the Milan Expo 2015's central square. The LED-lit aluminium structures, dubbed "the Wings," were designed to "animate the public space with a constant flow of pulsating patterns and imagery related to the theme of the Expo: health, energy, sustainability and technology." They will remain on view through the duration of the Expo, which concludes October 31.

A video of the interactive installation, after the break.

SCoopA Announces Winners of 2015 Milan Expo Competition

Social Cooperation Architects (SCoopA) have announced the winners of their competition centered on the theme of the 2015 Expo Milano: Feed the World. The competition collected ideas and solutions from all over the world that addressed problems such as social inequality, population growth and the scarcity of resources. Currently the winners and honorary mentions are on display at the 2015 Expo Milano. Read on for the winning proposals and their accompanying boards after the break.

Video: Inside the Brazil Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015

Brazilian architect Raphael França has shared with us his video featuring the Brazilian Pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015, produced in a collaboration with Japanese photographer Takeshi Miyamoto.

Internal and external images show the public interacting with the pavilion, while detail shots present the multitude of textures and materials that form the building. The juxtaposition of the moving images, along with Lívio Tragtenberg's strong soundtrack, transport the viewer to the Milan Expo and to the experience of walking on the organic surface.

The Brazilian Pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015 was designed by Studio Arthur Casas + Atelier Marko Brajovic and can be seen in more detail here


One Photographer's Definitive Guide to the Pavilions of the 2015 World Expo

Darren Bradley, an architectural photographer and Instagrammer (@modarchitecture) based in San Diego, has shared a definitive collection of photographs from the 2015 World Expo. Each pavilion in the 1.1million square metre exhibition area, located just outside of Milan, is showcasing the best of their technology which offer "a concrete answer to a vital need: being able to guarantee healthy, safe and sufficient food for everyone, while respecting the planet and its equilibrium."

Bahrain. Image © Darren Bradley Poland. Image © Darren Bradley Spain. Image © Darren Bradley Chile. Image © Darren Bradley

Dome Pavilion Milan Expo 2015 / Studio Mosae

The “madonnina” in Expo brings the centuries-old history of the construction of the Duomo, one of the greatest gothic cathedral in Europe, milan heritage for humanity, a symbol of christian devotion and commitment. Not only a christian symbol but a laic one too for the entire city of Milan, that represents all the cultures that make Milan alive.

Copagri Pavilion ‘Love IT’ / EMBT

  • Architects: EMBT
  • Location: Milan, Italy
  • Project Director: Makoto Fukuda
  • Project Coordinator: Valentina Nicol Noris
  • Design Team: Dirce Medina, Claudia Baralla, Claudia Manenti, Silvia Pirrera, Gabriele Rotelli, Andres Echevarria, Thomas Hostache, Carlo Cervellieri, Luca Amighetti, Ana De la Cuesta, Ana Zueras, Daniel Combariza
  • Area: 560.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Photographs: Marcela Grassi, Roland Halbe

© Marcela Grassi © Marcela Grassi © Roland Halbe © Marcela Grassi

Germany Pavilion – Milan Expo 2015 / SCHMIDHUBER + Milla & Partner + Nüssli.

Courtesy of SCHMIDHUBER /+ Milla & Partner + Nüssli.
Courtesy of SCHMIDHUBER /+ Milla & Partner + Nüssli.
  • Architects: SCHMIDHUBER
  • Location: Milan, Italy
  • Overall Responsibility: German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, Bonn
  • Team: SCHMIDHUBER + Milla & Partner + Nüssli
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Photographs: Courtesy of SCHMIDHUBER /+ Milla & Partner + Nüssli.

Courtesy of SCHMIDHUBER /+ Milla & Partner + Nüssli. Courtesy of SCHMIDHUBER /+ Milla & Partner + Nüssli. Courtesy of SCHMIDHUBER /+ Milla & Partner + Nüssli. Courtesy of SCHMIDHUBER /+ Milla & Partner + Nüssli.

Inside the Spanish Pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015

Spanish photographers Iñigo Bujedo-Aguirre and Adrià Goula have shared with us images of the Spanish pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015. Designed by B720 Fermín Vazquez Arquitectos, the pavilion represents the fusion between Spain’s traditional food and innovative gastronomy. This duality creates an attractive and flexible space, which incorporates an open, patio-like area with orange trees – another symbol of Spanish culture.  

© Adrià Goula © Iñigo Bujedo-Aguirre © Iñigo Bujedo-Aguirre © Iñigo Bujedo-Aguirre

Gallery: The Top 5 Milan Expo Pavilions

Romanian photographer Laurian Ghinitoiu has shared his photos of the Expo Milan, along with his ranking of the top 5 pavilions. Read on to see his beautiful collection of images accompanied by his short remarks on the merits of the designs. 

Bahrain Pavilion – Milan Expo 2015 / Studio Anne Holtrop

© Iwan Baan © Armin Linke and Giulia Bruno © Iwan Baan © Iwan Baan

Russia Pavilion – Milan Expo 2015 / SPEECH

  • Architects: SPEECH
  • Location: Via Giorgio Stephenson, 107, 20157 Milano, Italy
  • Architects in Charge: Sergei Tchoban, Alexei Ilyin, Marina Kuznetskaya
  • Area: 3260.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Photographs: Alexey Naroditskiy, Roland Halbe

© Roland Halbe © Alexey Naroditskiy © Alexey Naroditskiy © Alexey Naroditskiy