New Concept Stores for Jeweler Franchise Zlatarne Celje / OFIS arhitekti

© OFIS arhitekti

Architects: OFIS arhitekti
Location: ,
Design team: Rok Oman, Spela Videcnik, Sergio Silva Santos, Kiki Marien, Katja Aljaz, Janez Martincic, Janja Del Linz
Project year: 2010 – 2011
Photographs: OFIS arhitekti

Urban Sculpture / Rok Grdisa

© Peter Mihelic

Location: Ljubljana,
Contractor: Trimo
Project Area: 25 sqm
Photograps: Peter Mihelic

Mavrica Kindergarten / Breda Bizjak, Lidija Dragišić M.A., Katja Florjanc, Emir Jelkić, Ajda Vogelnik Saje

Courtesy of Breda Bizjak, Lidija Dragišić M.A., Katja Florjanc, Emir Jelkić,

The municipality of Brežice in cooperation with The Chamber of Architecture and The Spatial Planning of Slovenia have invited applications for public project, open and anonymous architectural competition for the kindergarten “Mavrica“ in a small town Brežice, Slovenia. Among 64 submissions, commission assigned the 1st prize to the based group of architects: Breda Bizjak, Lidija Dragišić M.A., Katja Florjanc, Emir Jelkić, Ajda Vogelnik Saje. More images and architect’s description after the break.

Symposium: Ljubljana Days of Oris

Lada Hršak

This year, on Thursday 19 May, becomes the centre of architecture. The international symposium of architects Days of Oris is bringing to Ljubljana, for the fifth time, contact with cities worldwide and the contemporary world architectural scene. The symposium is conceived as a series of lectures by renowned architects. Through lectures and visual presentations they express their visions of architecture, design and culture in order to present their country of origin.

At the same time they present problems faced in the realization of their work, and make a comparison to the current situation in our environment. Because of the audience’s already traditional enthusiasm, this symposium was visited last year by more than 600 people. This year, Ljubljana Days of Oris will present the following globally renowned names from the world of architecture: Miha Kajzelj (), Lada Hršak (Croatia/Netherlands), Heinz Tesar (Austria) and Mansilla+Tuñón (Spain). The organizers of the event are ORIS House of Architecture and Association Trajekt. For more information click here.

Herman’s Square / Arhimetrics + Enota

Courtesy of Arhimetrics +

Herman’s Square, the new business residential building by Arhimetrics + Enota, is located at an important location in the old city centre in . The land intended for construction is a part of a larger degraded non-built up area, which was somewhat forgotten for decades and exempt from the development of the city. Through the years a very heterogeneous structure evolved around this “wound” in the urban tissue, which was untouched for a long time.  It is now surrounded by a range of modern construction in an area that has extensive open space intended for a future park along the Savinja River.

More on this project after the break.

Temporary Kindergarten Ajda / Arhitektura Jure Kotnik

© Courtesy of

Architects: Arhitektura Jure Kotnik
Location: , Slovenia
Design Team: Jure Kotnik, Andrej Kotnik
Sticker artists: KITSCH-NITSCH
Container System: Conhouse
Project year: 2009
Photographs: Kitsch-Nitsch, Vid Brezocnik

Video: Lace Apartments / OFIS Arhitekti

YouTube Preview Image

Continuing with the video updates OFIS arhitekti have share with us, the last one showcases some very interesting details of the Lace Apartments. The video shows the very geometric shapes of the facade, that seams a constant in this office’s works.

Video: Tetris Apartments / OFIS Arhitekti

YouTube Preview Image

The Tetris Apartments is a project that we already published in 2008. This is an update video courtesy of slovenian architects OFIS arhitekti. The video focuses primarily on the very geometric shapes of the facade of the building.

Video: Villa Under Extension / OFIS Arhitekti

YouTube Preview Image

This is an update from the project already published in 2008 from slovenian architects OFIS arhitekti. In the words of the architects: “This project involved the extension of a 19th-century villa located in a beautiful Alpine resort next to Lake Bled. Both the old villa and the landscape were strictly regulated by the National Heritage.”

The Hodoš Centre for the Elderly / Ravnikar Potokar Arhitekturni

© Miran Kambič

Architects: Ravnikar Potokar Arhitekturni
Location: Hodoš,
Authors: Robert Potokar u.d.i.a., Sabina Colnar u.d.i.a., Ajdin Bajrović abs. arh., Mateja Šetina abs. arh.
Project Team: Robert Potokar u.d.i.a., Mateja Šetina abs. arh., Sabina Colnar u.d.i.a.
Project area: 2,473 sqm
Project year: 2007 – 2010
Photographs: Miran Kambič


Video: Dot Envelope / OFIS Arhitekti

YouTube Preview Image

Here is another video from  OFIS arhitekti, this time showing the making of Dot Envelope, a project which we already published back in 2008, located in Ljubljana, .

‘Trimo Urban Crash’ Competition Winners

Courtesy of and

‘Trimo Urban Crash’ has announced its winners from this year’s installation competition which challenged students to design a public architectural installation for Nove Fužine, a specific residential neighborhood in Ljubljana, Slovenia using Trimo materials.  The theme for this year is: The Life Stand – an architectural intervention which is more than a tribune for watching games or events. It is a point of interaction and inspiration for inhabitants and visitors of all ages, interests and social standing, and simultaneously offering an answer to complex architectural and social questions common to many European urban residential areas with its original and well-thought out approach.

Read on for the winning projects from the competition.

Video: The Ring Stadium / OFIS Arhitekti

YouTube Preview Image

Located in , the Ring Stadium covers a variety of public programs other than the soccer field. This update video, courtesy of  OFIS arhitekti, showcases the work, which is already in use.

Video: Honeycomb Apartments / OFIS Arhitekti

YouTube Preview Image

Slovenian architects OFIS arhitekti shared with us this video that showcases the making of this very interesting construction named the Honeycomb Apartments, located in Izola, .

Video: Tetris Apartmens / OFIS Arhitekti

YouTube Preview Image

This is the third video produced by Marco Mazzotta that Slovenian architects OFIS arhitekti shared with us. We already featured this project a couple of years ago with photographs and drawings, but through this video, mixing reality and digital models, we can see how people really use both common spaces and the interior of the apartments.

Video: Farewell Chapel / OFIS Arhitekti

YouTube Preview Image

Back in 2009 we published the Farewell Chapel by OFIS arhitekti that went on to win the ArchDaily’s Building Of The Year Award in 2009 for the Religious category.

We now present the second video (of three) that Marco Mazzotta produced showing some more details and spaces of this great building.

Video: Ljubljana City Museum / OFIS arhitekti

YouTube Preview Image

Back in 2008 we published the extension and renovation of the Ljubljana City Museum by OFIS arhitekti. Now they shared on their twitter account this video update made by Marco Mazzotta that shows some more details and diagrams of the project.

Symposium: Not More, Not Less

Balancing Barn / MVRDV

With regard to its immanent powers, architecture today seems to be both under-challenged and over-charged at the same time. This biomorphic paradigm has reduced architecture’s potential to just dealing with issues concerning geometry, form-making, and manufacturing, whilst depriving it of any political impact. On the other hand, there is a programmatic notion of practice which reduces architecture to a predominantly political project, ignoring the fact that a building must eventually embody its contents through its tectonic and formal definition.

The MAO symposium features four international architects and one architectural critic and curator discussing how they deal with these issues in their work Jacob van Rijs, MVRDV, Rotterdam; Mark Lee, Johnstonmarklee, L.A.; Duncan Lewis, Scape architecture, Bordeaux; Jörg Leeser, BeL, Cologne as well as Philip Ursprung, Chair of Architectural History and Theory, ETH Zurich. The symposium has been curated and will be moderated by Ilka & Andreas Ruby, textbild/RUBY PRESS, Berlin.

For more information on the symposium, click here.