Office Building E / Aulík Fišer Architects

Courtesy of AulíkFišer Architects

Architects: Aulík Fišer Architects
Location: , Czech Republic
Investor: BBC – building E, a.s
Developer: Passerinvest Group, a.s.
Collaborators: Jan Kucera, ing. arch. Adela Stredova, ing. arch. Monika Cizkova, ing. arch. Petr Vacek, ing. Martin Zelenka
Total Gross Floor Area: 17,600 sqm
Completion: February 2007
Photographs: Courtesy of Aulík Fišer Architects

Revitalization Of The Crucifix Bastion / MCA atelier

Courtesy of MCA atelier

Architects: MCA atelier
Location: Horská ulice, ,
Cooperation: Mgr. art. Peter Buš, Ing. Pavel Košťálek
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 1,870 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of MCA atelier

The Stork Nest Farm / SGL Projekt

Courtesy of s.r.o.

Architects: SGL Projekt s.r.o. 
Location: Dvůr Semtín, Olbramovice,
Project Team: Ak. arch. Jiří javůrek, Ing. arch. Jaroslav Malý, Ing. arch. Irena Kozáková, Ing. arch. Jan Bouček, Ing. arch. Jakub Žák
Client / Developer: Farma Čapí hnízdo, a.s.
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of SGL Projekt s.r.o.

House In Svitavy / OV-A

Courtesy of

Architect: OV-A
Location: Svitavy,
Head Architects: Jiri Opocensky, Stepan Valouch
Structural Engineering: Jan Pohl
Site area: 816 sqm
Built area: 105 sqm
Total floor area: 194 sqm
Project Year: 2007
Photographs: Lukas Zentel, Tomas Soucek

Country House In Tupadly / OV-A

© Tomas Soucek

Architects: OV-A
Location: ,
Head Architects: Jiri Opocensky, Stepan Valouch
Structural Engineering: Jan Pohl
Completion: 2008
Site area: 1,241 sqm
Built area: 245 sqm
Total floor area: 336 sqm
Photographs: Tomas Soucek

Family House In Kraluv Dvur / OV-A

© Tomas Soucek

Architects: OV-A
Location: Kraluv Dvur,
Head Architects: Jiri Opocensky, Stepan Valouch
Structural Engineering: Jan Pohl
Completion: 2009
Site area: 1212 sqm
Built area: 225 sqm
Total floor area: 188 sqm
Photographs: Tomas Soucek

Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology / CHYBIK+KRISTOF Associated Architects

Courtesy of

The project by CHYBIK+KRISTOF Associated Architects for the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Technology is based on the idea of maximal respect to the character of the park’s locality in the city center for which it is designed. It is a complex of separate pavilions based on the floor plan of the existing built-up area of provisional assembled buildings, so-called likusáks. The concept of the project presupposes an interaction between education, culture and the public. Its realization will significantly contribute to revitalize the neglected eastern part of the park on Kraví hora. More images and architects‘ description after the break.

Grebovka Pavilion / SGL Projekt s.r.o.

© Filip Šlapal

Architects: SGL Projekt s.r.o.  – Jiří javůrek, Vladimír Thiele
Location: Prague,
Date completed: 03/2010
Photographs: Filip Šlapal

Center of Urgent Medicine / DOMY

© Ester Havlová

Architects: DOMY
Location: ,
Client: Regional Hospital in Kladno
Design Team: Michal Juha, Jan Topinka in co-operation with Roman Jarosil, Blanka Handrychová, Danica Havlíková, František Huber, Silvie Juríková, Jan Trávníček, Martin Postupa, Sanja Keser
Cost: EUR 60,000,000
Total volume: 83,500 m3
Built up area: 3,440 sqm
Total floor area: 16,400 sqm
Photographs: Ester Havlová

Family Houses in Popovicky / Jan Stempel

© Ivan Nemec

Architects: Jan Stempel
Location: Popovicky,
Landscaping: Lucie Vogelova / Terra florida
Project area: 150 sqm + 149 sqm
Completion: 2010
Photographs: Ivan Nemec / CFA

Video: Mies van der Rohe’s Czech Masterpiece: Tugendhat House

Built in Czechoslovakia in 1930 by German architect here.

Educational Centre of the Medical Faculty of Charles University / DOMY

© Filip Šlapal

Architects: DOMY
Location: , Czech Republic
Client: Medical Faculty in Hradec Kralove
Design Team: Michal Juha, Jan Topinka in co-operation with Roman Repa and Edita Mojzisova
Project Manager: Danica Havlikova
Cost: EUR 3 900 000
Total volume: 11,170 m3
Built up area: 1,060 sqm
Total useful area: 2,070 sqm
Photographs: Filip Šlapal

Community Centre for Culture and Leisure UFFO / AG Studio

Courtesy of AG Studio

Architects: AG STUDIO 
Location: ,
Design Team: Radek Vopalecký, Luděk Štefek
Completion: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of AG STUDIO


Emergency Pavilion in Teaching Hospital / DOMY

© Andrea Thiel Lhotakova

Architects: DOMY
Location: ,
Client: Hradec Kralove Faculty Hospital
Design Team: Michal Juha, Jan Topinka in co-operation with Jan Travnicek, Frantisek Huber
Project manager: Danica Havlikova
Co-ordination of professions: Blanka Handrychova
General contractor: GEOSAN GROUP a.s. , Kolin
Realisation period: 2006- 2008
Cost: EUR 10 840 000
Photographs: Andrea Thiel Lhotakova

Klanovice House / Prodesi | Domesi

© Lina Németh

Architect: PRODESI – Václav Zahradníček
Location: ,
Collaboration: Martin Hujer
Supplier: DOMESI
Construction: Wooden
Total floor area: 141 sqm
Completion: 2009
Photographs: Lina Németh

Floating Baths / Ondrej Lipensky and Andrea Kubna

Courtesy of and Andrea Kubna

Floating Baths, designed by Ondrej Lipensky and Andrea Kubna, on the Vltava River in is conceived as a closed rounded space, floating on the water surface. Since the waterfront of the river is a problematic issue here in the city, the architects thought about a function that would get local people into the center again. The floating object is accessible by boat and is not connected to the banks of the river. It is an island and in close distance to Strelecky and Slovansky Island, many small harbors with boats and treadles, but also streets overloaded with cars, is a place to take a rest during the busy day for meeting friends. More images and architects’ description after the break.

ACUO / Edit! architects

© Michal Seba

Architects: Edit! architectsVitezslav Danda
Location: ,
Concept: Michal Seba
Coop­er­a­tion: Ivan Boros, Matous Godik, Pedro Sousa San­tos
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Michal Seba

River Park Modrany / EDIT! Architects

Courtesy of

EDIT! Architects shared with us their design for River Park Modrany, a residential complex in the Modrany district, located in the south of by the Vltava river. The district is typically covered with villas from the beginning of 20th century that surround the Modrany landmark, a 60m high Microna tower. We have divided the plot into strips of land in a perpendicular axis to the main urban lines [tramline, train tracks, main road, the river itself]. A building volume has been placed into every strip and main vertical cores have been defined for all volumes. We have stretched up the core building parts in a way to create the hill-like shapes of the buildings. The volumes have been afterwards rotated in order to improve the particular views from every building. More images and architects’ description after the break.