Sopot Business Centre / Urbane Tehnike

© Freya

Sopot Business Centre by Urbane Tehnike won 1st prize in the competition for  the business complex project in the center of Novi , , Croatia.  The concept is for the design of a simple glass cube, structured within the surface of prisms which is visually manipulated by its context. From the urban planning point of view, the cube is derived from the constant movement along the avenues and the silhouette of the city beyond.

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Sopot Business Center / Studio za arhitekturu d.o.o.

Courtesy of

Sopot Business Center by Studio za arhitekturu d.o.o. is the 2nd Prize winner of a competition for  , Croatia.  It features a dynamic assortment of spaces that shift in section creating distinct open spaces that provide connections through the various parts of the complex.

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Symposium: Ljubljana Days of Oris

Lada Hršak

This year, on Thursday 19 May, Ljubljana becomes the centre of architecture. The international symposium of architects Ljubljana Days of Oris is bringing to Ljubljana, for the fifth time, contact with cities worldwide and the contemporary world architectural scene. The symposium is conceived as a series of lectures by renowned architects. Through lectures and visual presentations they express their visions of architecture, design and culture in order to present their country of origin.

At the same time they present problems faced in the realization of their work, and make a comparison to the current situation in our environment. Because of the audience’s already traditional enthusiasm, this symposium was visited last year by more than 600 people. This year, Ljubljana Days of Oris will present the following globally renowned names from the world of architecture: Miha Kajzelj (), Lada Hršak (/Netherlands), Heinz Tesar (Austria) and Mansilla+Tuñón (Spain). The organizers of the event are ORIS House of Architecture and Association Trajekt. For more information click here.

Green Pavilion Restaurant / 3LHD

Courtesy of

Croatian architects 3LHD shared with us their project Green Pavilion Restaurant, for which they received first prize in an invited competition during last year. More images and architect’s description after the break.

Downtown Apartment In Zagreb / Dva Arhitekta d.o.o.

© Robert Leš

Architects: Dva Arhitekta d.o.o. – Tomislav Ćurković, Zoran Zidarić
Location: , Croatia
Collaborator: Barbara Vuković
Project year: 2010
Photographs: Robert Leš

Square in Space / Ivan Filipivoc

Courtesy of

Ivan Filipivoc has shared with us this preliminary project for a crafts center in Zagreb, . Deriving its inspiration from one of the oldest crafts – blacksmithing, the architecture bears a strong symbolism to this act of making.

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Varaždin Residence / Dva Arhitekta

© Robert Leš

Architects: Dva Arhitekta d.o.o. -  Tomislav Ćurković, Zoran Zidarić
Location: ,
Collaborator: Barbara Vuković
Project area: 450 sqm
Project year: 2004 – 2009
Photographs: Robert Leš

Istria Residence / Dva Arhitekta

© Robert Leš

Architects: Dva Arhitekta
Location: ,
Project Team: Tomislav Ćurković, Zoran Zidarić
Collaborator: Barbara Vuković
Site Area: 1,755 sqm
Project Area: 545 sqm
Project Year: 2004-2009
Photographs: Robert Leš

10-Day Architectural Workshop in Dubrovnik, AA Visiting School Mittelmeerland

Courtesy of

The Architectural Association (AA) visiting school Mittelmeerland, a program of AA’s School of Architecture, is seeking architecture students and young professionals to participate in the 10-day architectural research workshop in Dubrovnik, Croatia from January 31st – February 10th. Mittelmeerland will investigate the future of the Mediterranean as a territory and sustainable waterfronts.

The deadline for application is January 10th 2011.

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Video: Zamet Centre / 3LHD

recently shared with us this video of Zamet Centre. The film combines photographs by Domagoj Blazevic, Damir Fabijanic, archive, aerial footage from Hrg, and videographers Mladen Kostanjsek and Marko Stanic. Directed by Vladislav Knezevic, the video editor was Mario Kalogjera and the sound design was done by Vjeran Salamon.

For a full article on Zamet Centre, images and drawings check out our feature here.

Podfuscak Residence / Dva Arhitekta

© Robert Leš

Architects: Tomislav Ćurković, Zoran Zidarić / Dva Arhitekta
Location: ,
Client: Damir Sabol
Collaborator: Maja Markus
Project area: 774 sqm
Project year: 2010
Photographs: Robert Leš

Patio with House / Ivanisin & Kabashi Arhitekti

Courtesy of

Architects: Ivanisin & Kabashi Arhitekti
Location: Zagreb,
Project Architects: Krunoslav Ivanisin, Lulzim Kabashi
Site Area: 1,300 sqm
Project Area: 200 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of Ivanisin & Kabashi Arhitekti

Think Space Programme: First International Concept Degree Architectural Competition

Zagreb Society of Architects organizes an international series of concept based architectural competitions entitled Think Space starting on 14 December 2010

serves as a platform for spatial experimentation and exchange of conceptual ideas. Each cycle lasts a calendar year and is constituted by four competitions under the annual theme determined by a guest curator. Each competition brief is formulated by a juror who is proposed by the guest curator and the organizing committee. At the end of the cycle a conference will be held in Zagreb under the annual theme along with the Award ceremony.

The Think Space program aims to bring together world renown and established figures with emerging voices (students and professionals) within the fields of architecture, landscape, design, the arts and the humanities.

The first competition brief developed by juror Mr Shohei Shigematsu of OMA New York, within the Think Space: Borders program challenges architects, designers and other participants to rethink Urban Borders.

Details of this first competition and complete information on the programme can be found on the official website.

Inside Outside / Ivanisin & Kabashi Arhitekti

Courtesy of

Architects: Ivanisin & Kabashi Arhitekti
Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Project Architects: Krunoslav Ivanisin, Lulzim Kabashi
Collaborators: Iva Ivas, Mario Matic, Maja Milat
Structure: SMAGRA, Miljenko Srkoc
Construction Pit Protection: Ibrahim Jasarevic
Project Area: 23,922 sqm (Car Park) & 1,997 sqm (Sports Hall)
Project Year: 2005-2009
Photographs: Danko Vucinovic, Roel Backaert

Family House Pojatno / Centura

Courtesy of Centura

The desire of a young married couple with two children was to have a house of modern expression that takes elements of local architecture. The architects were able to accomplish this by material selection of natural , rough stone, aluminum, pine wood, glass, and through form and local spatial solutions, large porch and central fireplace.  This design creates space that provides privacy while emphasizing the best view to the landscape.

Follow the break for more photographs and drawings of this project.

Architects: Centura d.o.o.
Location: , Croatia
Project Area: 235 sqm
Project Year: 2006
Photographs: Courtesy of Centura

Paromlin Baths / NFO

Courtesy of NFO

Croatian architects NFO shared with us their first prize project for the international competition in the location of an old steam mill in , . More images and architect’s description after the break.

City Soccer Stadium Lapad / NFO

Courtesy of

Croatian architects NFO shared with us their 3rd prize proposal for the competition to design a new soccer stadium in the city of Dubrovnik, . See more images and architect’s description after the break.

Museum of Contemporary Art / Studio za arhitekturu d.o.o.

© Filip Beusan

Architects: Studio za arhitekturu d.o.o.
Location: , Croatia
Collaborators: Bernarda Silov, Morana Vlahović, Tajana Derenčinović Jelčić, Andreja Dodig, Petar Reić, Simona Sović Štos, Zorana Zdjelar
Contractor: Tehnika d.d.
Structure: Studio K d.o.o.
Mechanical Installations: Arhingtrade d.o.o.
Electrical Installations: Arhingtrade d.o.o.
Sewage and Water Supply: Arhingtrade d.o.o.
Fire protection: IB-inženjering Belobrajić d.o.o.
Acoustics: AVC d.o.o.
Project area: 18,000 sqm
Project year: 1999 – 2009
Photographs: Sandro Lendler, Filip Beusan, Jasenko Rasol, Studio HRG, Damir Fabijanic