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Une Ville Dessinée

The future of the European city is the central theme for Sergei Tchoban. It is evident that the language of contemporary architecture and the size of urban gestures contrast with the structure of the historical or traditional European city. Is it possible to harmonize and regulate these two positions? Is there a quality in the spontaneity or even in the chaos that can arise?

The exhibition ‚Une Ville Dessinée / A Drawn City‘ reflects the high-contrast interplay between historical and modern architecture, as it is so strongly traced in modern cities. It brings together visualized and constructed ideas on paper, presents

Siza: Unseen and Unknown

The Tchoban Foundation - Museum for Architectural Drawing in Berlin shared with us this article about the exhibition Siza: Unseen and Unknown curated by architect António Choupina together with Dr. h. c. Kristin Feireiss. According to them, "this exhibition was conceived as a family show, not in the sense of an architectural dynasty but rather as a lyrical collection of drawings from the architect’s private surroundings". The selected drawings are from the Siza family’s own collection and include sketches from known and less well-known projects, as well as architectural fantasies.

Álvaro Siza was born in 1933, on the same year that the Bauhaus closed its doors. He is perhaps the last living modernist or, at the very least, the most significant voice to carry out the unfinished modernist project all the way into the 21st century.

Siza: Unseen and Unknown showcases this continuity through 100 sketches, as well as its unavoidable contradictions. These drawings are from his most personal archive, in addition to small collections of close friends and family. Hence, they focus not only on the professional legacy but also on the familial one, where Maria Antónia Siza (1940-1973) takes centre stage. His wife will draw him, he will draw her and the loving embrace of the human body will be transversal to architecture, art, life.

Lecture: Drawn Visions

"How does a thought evolve into a freehand sketch? What is the importance of the interaction between the mind, eyes and hand?“

Peter Cook on How Drawing Enables Architects to Learn, Communicate and Experiment

The computer does things correctly, and I think it's very important in architecture to also have the incorrect. – Peter Cook

In connection with the exhibition "Peter Cook. Retrospective" currently on view at the Museum for Architectural Drawing in Berlin, the Tchoban Foundation has released a video of the architect discussing the importance of drawing in the architectural world. Cook compares drawing to new computer-based techniques, arguing that while software can do amazing things (including being instrumental in realizing his own Kunsthaus Gratz), drawing allows the architect to learn, communicate and experiment in a way that is irreplaceable. Watch the teaser to the Tchoban Foundation's video above, or read on for the full discussion.

Sergei Tchoban: “We Cannot Avoid Looking At Architecture; Architecture Should Be Beautiful”

After receiving his education at the Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in St. Petersburg, Sergei Tchoban moved to Germany at the age of 30. He now runs parallel practices in both Berlin and Moscow, after becoming managing partner of nps tchoban voss in 2003 and co-founding SPEECH with Sergey Kuznetsov in 2006. In 2009, the Tchoban Foundation was formed in Berlin to celebrate the lost art of drawing through exhibitions and publications. The Foundation’s Museum for Architectural Drawing was built in Berlin in 2013 to Tchoban’s design. In this latest interview for his “City of Ideas” series, Vladimir Belogolovsky spoke to Tchoban during their recent meeting in Paris about architectural identities, inspirations, the architect’s fanatical passion for drawing, and such intangibles as beauty.

Sergei Tchoban: “We Cannot Avoid Looking At Architecture; Architecture Should Be Beautiful”Sergei Tchoban: “We Cannot Avoid Looking At Architecture; Architecture Should Be Beautiful”Sergei Tchoban: “We Cannot Avoid Looking At Architecture; Architecture Should Be Beautiful”Sergei Tchoban: “We Cannot Avoid Looking At Architecture; Architecture Should Be Beautiful”+ 45

Exhibition: "Peter Cook. Retrospective" at Tchoban Foundation

The exhibition 'Peter Cook. Retrospective' is devoted to drawings by the famous British architect who is celebrating his 80th birthday this year. Peter Cook is without doubt one of the leading figures of the Archigram group and in 2007 was knighted for his contribution to architecture.

Exhibition: Architectural Master Drawings from the Albertina Collection

The Albertina is one of the most prominent collections in the world with over one million works covering six centuries of art history, from the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance to the present day. Its world famous Graphic Collection, rich in tradition, is by far the largest and most important department. The Architecture Collection of the Albertina is by no means less significant. It too spans across many periods, encompassing works by well-known architects. The exhibition in the Berlin Museum for Architectural Drawing allows a glimpse into this fantastic collection, showing hand drawn architecture across a wide spectrum with sketches, studies, vedute and project presentations by exceptional artists and architects such as Antonio Pisanello (1395–1455), Francesco Borromini (1599–1667), Hubert Robert (1733–1808), Egon Schiele (1890–1918), Hans Hollein (1934–2014) and Zaha Hadid (born 1950).

In Pursuit of Antiquity: Drawings by the Giants of British Neo-Classicism

Tchoban Foundation Museum for Architectural Drawing is hosting its second exhibition from Sir John Soane's Museum, showing masterpieces of British Neoclassicism. The exhibition illustrates the ambition of leading British architects of the late 18th century who strove to create new architecture in the Classical tradition that could compete – in terms of public works, private houses, mausolea, interior detail and even furnishings - with the glories of the Ancient World.

Exhibition: Treasury, Legacy: A Museum for Architectural Drawing

Treasury, in the Bibliowicz Gallery, highlights the wider international collection of the museum with sketches and drawings by Hans Poelzig, Aldo Rossi, Alvaro Siza, Peter Wilson, and Madelon Vriesendorp, cofounder of OMA.

The Parisian Hôtel Particulier in Drawings

Starting October 18th, the Tchoban Foundation will be showing 65 art works of Hôtel particulier buildings – prestigious town houses, which were built in the first part of the 18th century and characterize Parisian architecture until today - in the exhibition “Lʼhôtel particulier à Paris.” After Sergei Tchoban, architect and founder of the Tchoban Foundation for Architectural Drawing, showed his collection of 24 drawings at the École des Beaux-Arts in 2011 with the exhibition “À la source de l’ Antique. La collection de Sergei Tchoban”, the two institutions now continue their collaboration, this time with a selection of works from Paris that will be displayed in Berlin.