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Tactical Urbanism: Reimagining Our Cities post-Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the way we live our lives. Significant and long-lasting repercussions will be felt across society and industry, many of which are sure to influence the way we approach the design of our buildings and cities. Over the past few weeks, the Urban Design team at Foster + Partners has been exploring how recent and fast moving developments in urban planning – instigated and encouraged by the current crisis – will affect and shape the future of London and others worldwide.

The crowded, unsanitary condition of London’s slums during the 1830s led to regular outbreaks of cholera during the nineteenth century – a particularly severe episode occurred in 1854, originating in Broad Street, Soho.. Image © The Print Collector / Alamy Stock Photo.London is a remarkably green city, with over 800 square kilometres of green space. [Map produced by Foster + Partners, using data from GLA Open Data].Unfortunately, only 26 per cent of this green space is available to and accessible by the public; 36 per cent is private residential gardens. [Map produced by Foster + Partners, using data from GLA Open Data].Located off Hackford Road, where the artist Vincent van Gogh lived for a short period, the Van Gogh Walk was conceived as a space where nearby residents and schoolchildren – many of whom do not have the luxury of a garden – can enjoy nature and the outdoors.. Image © Jonathan Harbourne / Alamy Stock Photo.+ 13