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Sketching: The Latest Architecture and News

Morpholio Launches Smart Hatch, Propelling the Trace App into a New Era of Digital Hand Drawing

Morpholio has just released “Smart Hatch”, a new addition featured in its Trace app, famous for sketching and drafting, as well as storing and organizing ideas by layers. Making drawing details, elevations, plans, and sections by hand way easier, Smart Hatch calculates the areas for the user and fills their drawings with the sketch style hatch they desire.

Courtesy of MorpholioCourtesy of MorpholioCourtesy of MorpholioCourtesy of Morpholio+ 12

How a Daily Sketch Improves Architecture

© Frank Harmon
© Frank Harmon

This article was originally published on Common Edge as "How the Quick Daily Drawing Puts Humanity Back Into Architecture."

Architect Frank Harmon has a discipline: he tries to do a freehand drawing every day. He doesn’t spend much time on them. About five minutes. These short spurts of depiction have the effect of catching lightning in a bottle or, as Virginia Woolf once said about the importance of writing every day, “to clap the net over the butterfly of moment.” To capture these moments you must be fast. The minute moves. Harmon’s drawings feel loose, fuzzy at the edges. You sense their five-minute duration.

Frank HarmonFrank HarmonFrank Harmon© Frank Harmon+ 25

The iPad App That Can Make Your Client Meetings Fast, Efficient and Productive

Sketching is the best way to work through design problems. Since no designer is an island, sometimes sketching collaboratively is the best way of working through design problems together. Other times, you sketch a bit, create a proper drawing, and then present to colleagues, clients or stakeholders.

"Whether you're resolving a challenging condition by yourself, or helping a client to visualize, we all sketch it out first," explained Sophie Amini, Creative Director at Pooky. "With Archisketch, more often than not, even I prefer to put aside my paper and pencil and whip off a sketch on my iPad. At Pooky, we work very closely, both with each other and with the manufacturers. We talk through sketches and ideas at length before deciding which samples to get made up. Sketches are translated into technical drawings, from which the manufacturers can work."

Moleskine Celebrates Creative Process with New Line of Luxury Notebooks

Moleskine, the go-to brand of sketchbook lovers have expanded their luxury notebook line, The Art Collection. The Italian paper-manufacturing brand and architects' favorite (we know we are!) dedicates this new collection to those who value the creative process just as much as the final result and want to translate their stories and ideas onto papers. Whether it’s drawing, doodling, painting, sketching, or composing, the Art Collection meets the diverse needs of its users who "simply need get lost in their colors and visions without fear of losing the spirit of their work."

Courtesy of MoleskineCourtesy of MoleskineCourtesy of MoleskineCourtesy of Moleskine+ 8

Morpholio's "Smart Fill" Extension Calculates Areas In Your Drawings As You Sketch

Morpholio has released details of Smart Fill, which they describe as “the world’s first area calculator for live design sketching.” Designed for the TracePro app on iPad and iPhone, Smart Fill calculates the area of spaces in active sketches, without the need for further drawing or alterations.

The Smart Fill calculation evolves as space is altered through further sketching. As rooms are sliced in half, the area reduces, while as walls are erased, the area expands. The app also allows for the space to be filled in with color, text labels, or numerical data.

© David Drazil© Keen© AMLGM© David Drazil+ 15

How Architectural Drawing—In All Its Forms—Can Help Us See the World Anew

What do architectural drawings do? Convey visual information about the design of buildings. This much is certain. They do much else besides. They can be idiomatic and ideological, they can express the personality of those who make them and by whatever means—charcoal, pencil, pen, or computer program. They can inspire, provoke and radicalize. They might be realistic or the stuff of fantasy. Or, of course, they can instruct those charged with building a three-dimensional representation of what they see on paper or, in recent years, on computer screens. Intelligence visible, they can also be art.

So, judging an open competition of architectural drawings from around the world, like The Architectural Drawing Prize, can only ever be an exercise in open-ended judgment even when these have been sorted into three technical categories: Hand-drawn, Digital, and Hybrid. How do we begin to compare Chris Raven’s intriguing digital analysis of Publicly Accessible Spaces in St Paul’s Cathedral with Xinyuan Cao’s almost fond cross-section through the Renovation of Denggao Village, two commended entries in the Digital Drawings category?

Reconstruct with drawing. Image © Mariapia di Lecce100. Image © Riza AliabadiMomentum Mori: A Peckham Hospice Care Home. Image © Jerome Xin HaoPortuguese Street. Image © Anna Budnikova+ 9

The Architecture Drawing Prize Exhibition

The Architecture Drawing Prize received 166 entries from 26 different countries, offering a fascinating cross-section of approaches to and uses of architectural drawing today: from highly sophisticated design drawings to lyrical hand-drawn sketches, and everything in between. The exhibition retains a sense of this variety so along with the three category winners, it was decided to showcase the ten entries that received commendations from the judges.

Jerome Xin Hao (winner, hybrid category): Memento Mori: A Peckham Hospice Care Home. Image Courtesy of Sir John Soane's MuseumAnna Budnikova (commended, Hybrid category): Hydrological cluster. Image Courtesy of Sir John Soane's MuseumEmily Seden-Fowler (commended, Hybrid category): Knowledge Hub and Community Support Spaces - Studying Seasons and Community Interactions. Image Courtesy of Sir John Soane's MuseumSergei Tchoban (commended, Hand-Drawn category): The fallen monument. Image Courtesy of Sir John Soane's Museum+ 12

Archisketch Drawing Contest

Open Screen Limited is now accepting submissions for its "Archisketch Drawing Contest," with more than $2,500 in prize money to be won.

Drawing Hack: How to Draw A Straight Line

The Modmin has been a go-to for quality videos and tutorials on architectural drawing and sketching. Their newest video tackles a drawing fundamental: the ability to draw a straight line. For many seasoned architects, this is a skill that they mastered long ago. But if you are just starting out, or if you've been hiding behind your computer's ability to consistently draw straight lines, then this hack is for you.

Referring to the first tip in Matthew Frederick's 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School, Themodmin's Umar shares an exercise he was taught for achieving straight lines. 

Drawing Event Will Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

On October 15th four languages, three countries, and three astounding architectural projects will be brought together through a series of events and workshops to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation seeks to commemorate the event with a full day program of activities entitled Drawing the Guggenheim. Visitors can explore and sketch the museums during a variety of public drawing exercises, architectural tours, films and family events at each of the Guggenheim locations.

Morpholio's New AR Feature Makes Perspective Sketching Easier—And More Accurate—Than Ever Before

With the launch today of Apple's iOS 11—and with it, the release of the company's powerful system for augmented reality apps, ARKit—Morpholio has released a new update to their popular Trace app that allows users to sketch over photographs with perfect accuracy. While it has always been an option to sketch over photographs in Trace, the new "Perspective Finder" tool superimposes a scaled grid over the photograph that helps designers follow the perspective of the image and measure their drawings accurately.

© Morpholio© Morpholio© Morpholio© Morpholio+ 27

Call for Entries: The 2017 Architecture Drawing Prize

Update: the deadline for this competition has been extended to September, 25, 2017 at 23:30 BST.

Make, the Sir John Soane’s Museum and the World Architecture Festival (WAF) have come together to create a prize for architectural drawing. The Prize recognises the continuing importance of hand drawing but also embraces creative use of digitally produced renderings.

The Architecture Drawing Prize welcomes entries from architects, designers and students from around the world while celebrating drawing’s significance as a tool in capturing and communicating ideas.

Decades After the Rise of CAD, Architecture Is Going “Paperless”—For Real This Time

If you visit an architecture office today, you may sense a slight change. The days of bulky desktops, ergonomic mouse pads and tower-high stacks of drawing sets are slowly giving way to digital pencils, tablets, and tons of architects’ hand-drawings—both physical and digital. Architects across the globe are clearing their desks, literally, and utilizing emerging touchscreen tools and software for designing, sharing and collaborating. It seems possible that, for the first time in years, the architecture profession could revisit Bernard Tschumi’s “paperless” studio which formed a key part of his tenure as dean of Columbia University’s GSAPP in the mid-1990s. However, this time, “paperless” starts with a pencil, instead of a click.

Gifted Sketcher Uses His Moleskine and Camera to Capture Real and Imagined Cityscapes

Moleskine notebooks, sketching, architecture photography, imagination, and Instagram—these are all curiosities that arouse the interest of a stereotypical architecture lover. So it's hard to believe that Pietro Cataudella, author of the CityLiveSketch project, is neither a trained artist or architect, but a student of geophysics.

In the summer of 2014, the Italian began a project to "describe the land in an alternative way by the combined use of photographs and drawings that represent the landmarks of splendid Italian towns (and beyond)." He has traveled from Pisa to Rome, London to Barcelona, and sketched famous buildings that include Stefano Boeri's Bosco Verticale and the Eiffel Tower.

Draw Perfectly At Any Scale With This Augmented Reality App

The ability to draw well is one of the most coveted skills in architecture. Unfortunately for those without an innate gift for sketching, it's also one of the most difficult to learn—even if it can, contrary to popular opinion, be learned with commitment and practice. But for those poor souls without such talents, there is now a fix: an app called SketchAR.

Available for iPhone and Android devices that incorporate Google's Tango technology, SketchAR can take photographs or other images, convert them into sketchable line drawings, and then use augmented reality to overlay them onto real-world surfaces.

Sketching Tutorials to Keep You Filling up Your Moleskine

In an increasingly paperless world, architecture still relies on channeling ideas by hand. Sketching has endured as the method of choice for designers to communicate with clients, the public, and each other. As we have previously reported, the George Architect YouTube channel, managed by Reza Asgaripour and Avdieienko Heorhii, is devoted to bringing sketching techniques and ideas to the wider world, with a series of tutorials on everything from light and shade to three-point perspectives.

7 Moon Hoon Sketches that Have Actually Been Built

Seoul-based architect Moon Hoon describes his style and attitude towards design as “putting architecture to the edge of art” and having as much fun as possible in the process.

Hoon’s drawing history began 40 years ago, and is a habit he still maintains in the form of diaries or, as he likes to call them, "magic books." All of his interests come together in these books from which ideas emerge and transform into architecture—futuristic fantasies in diary format, with drawings which eventually get constructed in real life.

Keep reading to see some of these drawings and their real-life, built counterparts!

These Beautiful Architectural Sketches Show Hand-Drawing is Alive and Well

Despite the rush of new technologies available to architects to express their designs, the humble art of hand-drawing is still alive and well. And when sketching are drafting are done well enough, they can become their own artifacts for inspiring architectural thought.

The work of architecture student Adelina Gareeva is one such example. Studying at Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering (KSUAE) in Russia, Gareeva produces incredibly detailed architectural drawings, from carefully constructed perspective drawings of St. Basil’s Cathedral, to travel sketches to more abstract architectural compositions that draw similarities to Zaha Hadid’s Suprematist paintings or the Cubist works of Georges Braques. Check out some of her best sketches below.