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Peruvian Houses that Blur the Line Between Indoors and Outdoors

Casa Playa Escondida / SOMA Lima. Image © Renzo RebagliatiMar de Luz House / Oscar Gonzalez Moix. Image © Juan Solano OjasiLapa House / Martin Dulanto. Image © Juan Solano OjasiCasa Unno / DA-LAB Arquitectos. Image © Renzo Rebagliati+ 21

Peru, with its varied geography and vast array of natural resources, renders an architectural style that makes itself one with the landscape. In the country's three principal terrains —coast, mountain, and rainforest— there is little variation in temperature and the climate can be defined as either tropical or subtropical.

Peruvian Houses with Wooden Pergolas: The Space Between Indoors and Landscape

Casa en Azpitia / Estudio Rafael Freyre. Image © Edi Hirose Casa Seta / Martín Dulanto. Image © Marco SímolaCasa de Campo El Ombu / Oscar Gonzalez Moix. Image © Juan Solano OjasiCasa Unno / DA-LAB Arquitectos. Image © Renzo Rebagliati+ 11

Occupying a substantial chunk of South America's central western landmass, Peru is a treasure trove of both landscapes and natural resources. Within its three regions--coastal, mountain, and rain forest--there is little variation in summer and winter temperatures and, except for its high mountain areas, its climate stays between tropical and subtropical. Thanks to the lack of weather extremes, outdoor activities--and the spaces in which to do them--are a principal factor in designing homes and other buildings. Pergolas and other semi-coverings make it possible to create or expand shaded areas, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of your home.