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JKMM's Dance House Helsinki is Designed to Advance the Performing Arts

Courtesy of JKMM & ILO Courtesy of JKMM & ILO Courtesy of JKMM & ILO Courtesy of JKMM & ILO + 8

Finnish practice JKMM’s newest project, The Dance House Helsinki, is set to become Finland’s first venue dedicated primarily to dance and the performing arts. Offering rehearsal and performance spaces for artists, Dance House forms an extension to Cable Factory, the largest existing cultural center in Finland.

JKMM Designs New Tammisaari Museum Outside Helsinki

JKMM Architects has won the competition to design a new museum in the sea side town of Tammisaari outside Helsinki. Organised by the Albert de la Chapelle Art Foundation, the competition aims to create a museum for the foundation's art collection with space to exhibit the work. JKMM’s entry was designed to act as a landmark and beacon for the city's cultural quarter to invite the public from the town’s main square.