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Future Living Space: The Latest Architecture and News

Designers Imagine Bamboo Colony on Mars

Designers Warith Zaki and Amir Amzar have imagined a project that seeks to find alternatives to traditional construction material in order to build the first settlements on Mars. In fact, they opted for a natural earthy element that competes with wood, brick and concrete, and drafted a project that uses bamboo.

© Karim Moussa, Warith Zaki, Amir Amzar, Nasril Zarudin© Karim Moussa, Warith Zaki, Amir Amzar, Nasril Zarudin© Karim Moussa, Warith Zaki, Amir Amzar, Nasril Zarudin© Karim Moussa, Warith Zaki, Amir Amzar, Nasril Zarudin+ 14

SLICE Creates Apartments from Plugin Modules for Future City Living

Iranian architect and concept designer Nasim Sehat has developed an alternative living module driven by adaptability for the gig economy. SLICE is described as a “sustainable, people centric, connected, self-contained, and flexible plug’n-play urban solution” targeted at future city dwellers.

SLICE consists of a layered module of functional plugins, combined to create basic spatial configurations. In tandem with the design of SLICE’s spatial profile, Shanghai-based Sehat has proposed a shared, on-demand digital service for module rental, maintenance, and payment.

© Nasim Sehat© Nasim Sehat© Nasim Sehat© Nasim Sehat+ 7

Winners of NOVA Design Award Announced

NOVA Property Investment have announced the winners of the 2018 Future Living Space competition. Responding to paradigmatic shifts in technology, social networks and the physical environment, the competition called for projects to imagine living spaces in 2025. Through themes of digital connectivity, inter-personal relationships and artificial intelligence, the proposals explored urban development, social spaces and redefined connections to the environment.

WǒWū. Image © Edgar Rodriguez Lozano, Diego Pulido Torres, Lauren Felix Valencia,  Alejandro Marquez Romero , Alberto Vera ZavalaDiagonals 2025. Image © Phillip StienResidential Printer- A Flexible Life . Image © Bei Yining, Yi WenboHouse of iFurnitecture. Image © Hung Nguyen  Dung Vu, Binh Nguyen+ 32

NASA Endorses AI SpaceFactory's Vision for 3D Printed Huts on Mars

AI SpaceFactory has released details of their proposed cylindrical huts for the Planet Mars, designed as part of the 3D Printed Habitat Challenge organized by NASA. Project MARSHA (Mars HAbitat) was endorsed by NASA with a top prize of almost $21,000, one of five designs selected from a field of seventeen.

The competition asked participants to design an effective habitat for a crew of four astronauts to be located on the Red Planet, using construction techniques enabled by 3D printing. The submitted schemes were then ranked based on their innovation, architectural layout, and level of detail in BIM modeling.

Astronauts observe the construction of a new habitat. Image © PlompmozesMarsha protects humans from the harsh Martian environment, including the frigid temperatures, dust storms and radiation. Image © PlompmozesMarsha’s architectural design is integrated with its lighting design, which automatically changes in sync with the time of day and the color and intensity of light. Image © PlompmozesMarsha’s two- shell structure creates flexible, hybrid spaces which offer a variety of lighting conditions, privacy, noise levels and uses. Image © Plompmozes+ 26

Call for Ideas: 2018 NOVA DESIGN AWARD "Future Living Space"

The inaugural NOVA Design Award invites applicants to imagine future living spaces in an urban setting, and intends to build a subsequent physical prototype to promote such creative thinking. It calls for new design proposals based on a single living unit, with a suggested gross floor area of no more than 50 square meters and a clear height not exceeding 6 meters, as part of a high-density context in a first-tier Chinese city. 

Benefits of Entering:
· The Jury will select 5 finalist teams, who will be invited to attend NOVA DAY - the culmination of the competition including a design forum and the awards ceremony. Teams will also be asked to pitch their entries to the Jury at the ceremony, where the final awards will be determined.
· All finalist teams will receive a cash award and a NOVA Design Award certificate. Finalist entries will be published on acclaimed media platforms. NOVA welcomes all members of the finalist teams to the events, but will be responsible for travel and lodging expenses for only 1 representative from each finalist team.
· Winning entries may result in a physical prototype by NOVA in 2019.