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Top Architecture Offices Facebook Fan Pages

19:39 - 2 June, 2011

Do you think maybe it’s people that respect and admire these architects, and it’s reflected on their fan pages?

AIA Facebook Young Designers Challenge

12:30 - 13 December, 2009

The AIA is hosting its first ever design competition on Facebook—the AIA Facebook Young Designers Challenge. The competition is targeting emerging professionals, and is open to all AIAS members, all Assoc. AIA members, and all AIA young architect members. (The AIA defines young architects as being licensed 10 years or less.)

Best Architectural Animation Competition Winner

12:30 - 7 December, 2009

Couple of weeks ago we launched a competition through our Facebook Fan Page to find the best architectural animation video you could send us. After looking at 34 videos and receiving more than 2,500 votes, we have a winner!

Armir Shapllo, with his Space Camp Nou video (see it after the break), received more than 800 votes to win a brand new iPod Touch. Matej Štefanac came second and Alex Roman third. Congratulations to Armir, and to everyone who participated. And remember to follow us through Twitter and our Facebook Fan Page for more competitions!

Vote for the Best Architectural Animation at ArchDaily

18:30 - 25 November, 2009

As you may know, to celebrate 25,000 fans on our Facebook Fans (we are now over 29,000!), we launched a competition to look for the best architectural animation video. We received many submissions and now it’s time for you to decide the winner. You have till December 6 to cast your vote.

The good thing is you may vote once per day, so come back here and vote to support your favorite entry! Results will be published on December 7 and the winner will receive a brand new iPod Touch. See all the videos after the break and startvoting right now!

To see the videos in a larger size, just click on them to launch them on YouTube.

Best Architecture Video Animation Competition (update)

12:26 - 11 November, 2009

Our Facebook Fan Page has been growing a lot lately, and your feedback has been amazing. So to celebrate our 25,000 fans, we decided to launch a special competition, in which anybody can win. We are looking for the best architecture animation that you can show us! What makes this competition so special? Not only will the winners be featured in, but the best one will receive a brand new Ipod Touch. Who will win? That’s up to you to decide…

Facebook Fan Page: Top 10 websites of architecture offices

13:38 - 9 September, 2009

A great part of our day is spent browsing architects websites looking for new works to share with our readers, and we have noticed that some are very good, while others were such a pain to navigate…  So we decided to go and ask our community about this.

Last week, we asked our Facebook Fans for the best architecture office website they knew. We checked them out and decided the top 10, with no particular order. We looked for the best ones in terms of looks, navigation (is is easy to navigate? Is it fast? Can you go back without reloading the menu? Can you link directly to a specific project?), presentation quality, does it look up to date?, projects (can you sort them by location? by year?).

Also, you will notice that no flash website made the list. That’s because we think flash websites have some dificulties. For example, you can’t link a specific project and Google can´t index most of the contents. So we decided to create a ‘honorable mention’ list with all the flash websites we thought deserve it.

Remember to keep participating through our Facebook Fan Page! The complete list, after the break.

Facebook Fan Page: Architecture offices around the world

13:22 - 17 August, 2009

Last week, we asked all of you to send photos of your architecture office through our Facebook Fan Page. Your response was huge, as we received a lot of photos from all over the world. Selecting the best was not easy, but we decided to focus on diversity, creativity and image quality. Thanks to everyone who got to send their photos and we hope you keep participating through our Facebook Fan Page.

The picture above was submitted by Catherine Dilly and belongs to Jasmax Studio in Auckland, New Zealand. You can see all 14 offices after the break. And remember, you can also become a fan of ArchDaily in Facebook, just click here!

Send your office photo to ArchDaily's Facebook Fan Page

13:00 - 13 August, 2009

In case you didn’t know, a couple of weeks ago we started with our Facebook Fan Page (different from ArchDaily’s group on Facebook). The interaction that we have been experiencing with you has been awesome, so we decided to turn things upside down for a change.