Frank Gehry designs Facebook HQ Expansion

© Frank Gehry/Gehry Partners via Bloomberg (2)
Photo: Frank Gehry/ via Bloomberg

Mark Zuckerberg, the 28-year-old co-founder of Facebook, has commissioned Frank Gehry to design a new campus headquarters on the outskirts of San Francisco Bay, . Located across the highway from Facebook East, the company’s current headquarters, Facebook West will provide every luxury expected from a modern office space, from a flexible open floor plan, to arcade-filled lounge areas and a massive roof garden.

The enormous, ten acre “room” breaks away from Gehry’s signature curves, and aims to provide a “system that’s not precious, that they [Facebook] can manipulate.” Work benches “line up in curving arcs like swarming fish”, organizing the 420,000 square foot facility into “neighborhoods” that softly flow into each other in an attempt to foster a collaborative, community-like environment.

When Facebook employees need a break, they can retreat to outdoor-terraced cafes for some sushi and barbecue, play arcade games in the lounge with their co-workers, or escape up a “twisting wooden stair” to the lush roof garden.

Construction is scheduled to begin in Spring 2013.

For more information, check out Bloomberg’s exclusive coverage here.

© Frank Gehry/Gehry Partners via Bloomberg (1)
Photo: Frank Gehry/Gehry Partners via Bloomberg
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  • Dimitri Vronsky

    28 years old man.
    Old Architect.

    Old design.

    Why ?

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      Why not?

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      • Ing.arch.Peter Balaz

        Because some things are perfectly perfect. Thats why.

    • http://facebook Armonia

      Why not? Most things young people learn, they learn it from and older person.

    • muli

      idiot question

    • Enzo

      An old architect, but have you visited his office? 90% of the people who work there are under 30 (and underpaid), and those are the kids actually designing his stuff these days. And from what I’ve heard, his MIT project was a big win for the students socially. I would guess that was the big reason. That, and Gehry’s the most famousest.

  • Melissa

    of course….

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    It´s nice to have fun when you got so much money.