Frank Gehry designs Facebook HQ Expansion

© Frank Gehry/Gehry Partners via Bloomberg (2)
Photo: Frank Gehry/Gehry Partners via Bloomberg

Mark Zuckerberg, the 28-year-old co-founder of , has commissioned Frank Gehry to design a new campus headquarters on the outskirts of San Francisco Bay, . Located across the highway from Facebook East, the company’s current headquarters, Facebook West will provide every luxury expected from a modern office space, from a flexible open floor plan, to arcade-filled lounge areas and a massive roof garden.

The enormous, ten acre “room” breaks away from Gehry’s signature curves, and aims to provide a “system that’s not precious, that they [Facebook] can manipulate.” Work benches “line up in curving arcs like swarming fish”, organizing the 420,000 square foot facility into “neighborhoods” that softly flow into each other in an attempt to foster a collaborative, community-like environment.

When Facebook employees need a break, they can retreat to outdoor-terraced cafes for some sushi and barbecue, play arcade games in the lounge with their co-workers, or escape up a “twisting wooden stair” to the lush roof garden.

Construction is scheduled to begin in Spring 2013.

For more information, check out Bloomberg’s exclusive coverage here.

© Frank Gehry/Gehry Partners via Bloomberg (1)
Photo: Frank Gehry/Gehry Partners via Bloomberg
Cite: Rosenfield, Karissa. "Frank Gehry designs Facebook HQ Expansion" 25 Aug 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 16 Sep 2014. <>


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    What a shame, with so many good young architects around dried up Gehry gets the commission,… again. Not something one would expect from a young prodigy.., sends the wrong message out.

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      I agree, why take on an architect that produces self-indulgent and needless design.

      Maybe Zuckerberg is trying to tell us something…

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    I can’t imagine it would be very nice working in a gigantic sea of open office space. It might look neat in a scale model; but that’s just going to be unpleasant.

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    their stock price is gonna plunge even more after everyone finds out how much gehry charged for this project. facebook and gehry, they’re fated to be together, two entities who thrive off human stupidity and hype

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    Zuckerberg might have been looking for the best but instead goes for the celebrated, why do i feel that the design doesn’t exactly reflect the image and meaning of facebook! |Though there is bits and pieces of social connectivity but Gehry himself admits that he can’t Facebook!! What a shame. Why wouldn’t he have opened up for the entire world to submit ideas?! man Facebook is in every corner of the world and thus ideas would have been limitless, there-hence even the winner would have come from some remote place but with enough brilliance to let the world acknowledge. I believe this is the most complete let down of the young generation in the 21st Century.

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    Zucky choose Gehry because he hasnt heard of any other architect. When you ask an average American who’s their favorite painter they say Picasso because thats the only one they heard of. and when you ask them whats your most favorite painting they say Mona Lisa. Got it?

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    That is what is wrong with the world to day, respect your elders some day you will be there too, all the biggest civilization in history respect the wisdom of the elders only now every body thinks they now everything wakeup people you never stop learning you can have all the talent if you dont now how to use it for the better good it is worthless.

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    architects get better with age, thats when they have mastered both the art and themselves.

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    I agree with Simon, btw. This sounds like a you have as much freedom to move and think as we see fit kind of idea, even considering it’s a workspace.

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    Sushi and barbecue?
    I think that adds to the argument that this is all about being trendy, image and hype.
    I think the interns spent longer figuring out how to laser cut the power transmission towers than they did on a design. Unless there is more to this story that what hip nerds get to eat for lunch.

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    I think the continious room is fitting for facebook. As a social forum where it easy to intentionally or mistakenly open your privacy to the world in the encouragement of socializing and making community, one might say this is a physical-architectural facebook. Any thoughts?

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