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How to Break the Rules That Limit Your Designs

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Claim Your Design Freedom

It sounds like a dream — the ability to design whatever comes to mind without worrying about the execution. It seems too good to be true and perhaps, in some cases, it is. There are simply too many rules - spoken and unspoken - that architecture and design have to obey. However, in some situations, you can take back your design freedom by utilizing smart solutions that already exist but may be little-known. This is especially true for the architecture and design of doors.

Seamlessly Continuous: NEXXA, A New Door Handle by Zaha Hadid Design

A single, continuous line unbroken by handle rotation: such was the simple, yet difficult-to-execute design concept motivating Zaha Hadid Design’s new innovative door handle. The result is a beautifully molded sculptural yet ergonomic design, playfully balancing form with function.

6 Ways to Enhance your Design with a Pivot Door

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Pivot doors are not ordinary doors. They used to be a hassle to install and once in place, the door movement was often lacking. Things are different now, as companies like FritsJurgens have incorporated new technologies that take pivot door hardware to a whole new level. Installation is now extremely easy, allowing for versatility and creativity in pivot door design. So, in what ways can a pivot door enhance your interior design?

Stainless Steel, Bronze, Brass, or Aluminum: How to Choose Handle Materials

Door handles are a ubiquitous part of daily life, being used constantly in almost every space but rarely given thought by the passing user. Nevertheless, the chosen material of each handle can vary widely in terms of aesthetics, durability, and sustainability, with good choices going noticeably right and poor choices going noticeably wrong. For objects that are seen and used multiple times every day without fail, it’s imperative that designers get the choice right.

To deepen this topic, FSB helps us to lay out the properties of four of the most common handle materials below, allowing you to make an informed decision on which material aligns best with your project’s needs.

© Daniel Vieser© Daniel VieserAluminium. Image Courtesy of FSB© Daniel Vieser+ 32

Fire Doors: How to Incorporate Them Into an Architecture Project

Fire doors are doors that meet fire resistance standards and can prevent fire (or smoke) from spreading through the floors or living spaces of a building, allowing people to evacuate safely from a fire.

Cortesia de PexelsCortesia de PexelsSede Instituto BioCruces / IDOM. Image © Aitor Ortizvia Shutterstock, User: Pair Srinrat+ 11

Large Door Openings Made Easy

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Cornerless Folding Door
Cornerless Folding Door

Large openings are a popular inclusion in the modern home, but loading and structural movements that cause few problems with regular sized door openings can have very significant consequences in a bigger opening. Your structural engineer will generally be able to ensure your building complies with all statutory regulations and does not fall down, but the movement of and around large openings can often cause unnecessary problems for the builder or the homeowner.

Here, Centor explores three of the most common problems that can arise with large openings and shows how all of them are avoidable if planned for in advance.

Invisible Doors: How to Stylishly Hide the Doors In Your Projects

Sometimes a door can be a huge headache in a project. Think of a continuous, clean facade... having a door in the middle of it can ruin the clarity of the design. But a door need not be the traditional wood-paneled, brass-knobbed portal most of us are used to, much less an eyesore. 

But what if they could disappear from sight entirely? We’ve all dreamed of hidden passages and secret rooms tucked away in our homes. But for these to work, the entry must be disguised or hidden itself. 

"Doors of Kathmandu" Captures the Vital Social Spaces of Nepal's Capital City

"There is a tradition of offering prayers at the door every morning. The two red dots are the offerings to the 'Dwarpals' (security guards)". Image © Nipun Prabhakar
"There is a tradition of offering prayers at the door every morning. The two red dots are the offerings to the 'Dwarpals' (security guards)". Image © Nipun Prabhakar

In this series, architect and photographer Nipun Prabhakar captures the uniquely expressive doors of the city of Kathmandu, Nepal. More than just passageways between spaces, doorways in Kathmandu are used as social spaces where people regularly meet and as a physical representation of the building owner’s interests.

Prabhakar explains:

“The most versatile piece in a building, [the door] has been a mode of expression [for] ages. The door in apartments and modern societies is just a mode of a transition from outside to inside. In traditional cities and neighborhoods, like that of Kathmandu, it’s much more than that. It’s the place where people spend most of their time. Sitting at the Chaukhat, socializing and chatting. The door is not just a tangible unit, it’s the respect you give to your building.”

"There is a tradition of offering prayers at the door every morning. The two red dots are the offerings to the 'Dwarpals' (security guards)". Image © Nipun PrabhakarPatan Darbar Square. Image © Nipun Prabhakar© Nipun Prabhakar© Nipun Prabhakar+ 28

Ricky Gui Documents Over 600 Hidden Doors Around Singapore

Ricky Gui showcases a stunning series of "Hidden Doors" located behind shophouses in Singapore. Working for over a year, Gui highlighted over 600 "Hidden Doors"in his documentation. These doors are usually looked over as they hide behind shophouses and alleyways where people are unlikely to venture into. 

Courtesy of Ricky GuiCourtesy of Ricky GuiCourtesy of Ricky GuiCourtesy of Ricky Gui+ 19

11 Historical Examples of How to Design Doorways, as Selected by Sketchfab

Our friends at Sketchfab have noticed a recurring trend: among the many 3D scans shared on their platform, a significant number are of historical doorways. Often neglected in today’s designs, doors and doorways are essential physical and mental transition points between the interior and the exterior of a building. While Mies van der Rohe’s strive for visual continuity and the use of glass doors has some critical advantages, it is not applicable – or only poorly applicable – to every design case. Fortunately, history shows that visually and spatially differentiating doors and doorways from the rest of a facade can be a resourceful alternative.

With this set of 3D models selected by Sketchfab, viewers can explore historical doorways online and discover the spatial sequences that they can offer. From framed, indented, raised, lowered, protruding and ornamented doors, these models clearly showcase the various design strategies available for you to keep your doorway design options open.

André Vicente Gonçalves Documents Hundreds of Doors and Windows Around the World

Photographer André Vicente Gonçalves has revealed his latest project, “Doors of the World,” documenting hundreds of doors from cities around the world. Gonçalves has previously produced a photo series of hundreds of windows internationally titled “Windows of the World,” citing his interest in the way that such a small element of architecture expresses so much about its inhabitants and the human sense of security.

Arquitectura à Moda do Porto: Episode 6 – Walking Through the Doors of Porto

We teamed up with Building Pictures, Filipa Figueira and Tiago Vieira to feature weekly episodes of their video series “,” which highlights Porto’s most significant buildings over the last 20 years.

The series was launched in December 2013 and is comprised of 10 episodes, each focusing on a different theme: light, stairs, balconies, nature, textures, doors, windows, skylights, pavements and structures.

Last week we presented the series’ fifth episode on Porto’s textures, and now we present Episode 6 – Doors. Read the producers’ description of the video after the break.

Enter "Doors" - Our Newest Pinterest Board

As Mies van der Rohe said, “God is in the details.” And what detail could be more important than the door - that pivotal point where architecture first greets the user? To help inspire, we’ve created a new Pinterest board dedicated entirely to functionally adept and beautifully designed doorways.

You can view the board, here, and continue after the break for a selection of the board’s most popular doors...

VIDEO: Klemens Torggler's Mesmerizing, Rotating Door

Austrian company Klemens Torggler have recently invented the "Evolution Door," a very cool new door that slides itself open/closed - without the use of tracks. A special system of rotating squares means the door just requires a gentle nudge to close, and then momentum takes care of the rest. Words can't really explain the cool factor, so check out the video above and another after the break!