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Corten Steel: The Latest Architecture and News

From Red to Green: The Contradictory Aesthetics of Oxidized Facades

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6 Eye-Catching Corten Steel Construction Details

The characteristics of Corten steel has been respected by all architects, both for its strength and for its particular color. It corresponds to a type of steel manufactured with a chemical composition that provides an oxidation that protects the piece, practically without altering its mechanical characteristics. The architectural details of Corten steel present a diversity of situations and connections, not only the obvious constructive factor but it also gives an aesthetic value to any architectural project.

We have compiled this list of 6 eye-catching Corten steel construction details that stand out the most.

ARTCOR Creative Center / Maxim Calujac

© Volker Kreidler© Volker Kreidler© Volker Kreidler© Volker Kreidler+ 20

Chișinău, Moldova
  • Architects: Maxim Calujac
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area:  850
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2019

Museum Proposal Displays Floating Figurines in Corten Columns of Light

Courtesy of Ziad Abi Karam for Shiogumo
Courtesy of Ziad Abi Karam for Shiogumo

The Kharayeb Archaeological Museum (KAM) was designed by Shiogumo in the agricultural lands of the coastal village Kharayeb, in the south of Lebanon. The site-specific museum was commissioned to preserve and enhance the historical, cultural, and public significance by the directors of the archeological mission and site, Dr. Ida Oggiano (Istituto di Studi sul Mediterraneo Antico of CNR, Italy) and Dr. Wissam Khalil (Lebanese University).

Courtesy of ShiogumoCourtesy of Ziad Abi Karam for ShiogumoCourtesy of Ziad Abi Karam for ShiogumoCourtesy of Ziad Abi Karam for Shiogumo+ 27

Roth House / Debartolo Architects

© Debartolo Architects
© Debartolo Architects

The studio of Debartolo Architects is a unique architectural design firm in that they are passionately committed to architectural excellence parallel with their commitment to serving clients and creating relevant and functionally-tuned environments for people. Founded in 1996 as a collaboration of the father-son team, the firm is built on the rich history of Jack Debartolo Jr. FAIA’s 22-year partnership with Anderson DeBartolo Pan, Inc. Through creativity, innovation and careful listening, their team has become one of the leading studios in creating highly-custom, well-tuned built-environments that respond to their client, context, culture and community.

Linda Flora Residence / Shubin+Donaldson Architects

© Mike Amaya
© Mike Amaya

This 26,800 sqf home, designed by Shubin+Donaldson Architects, not only merges with its remarkable environment, but virtually disappears. Except for a few deft lines and angles – such as the ordered rows of the surrounding vineyard – there is very little perceivable ‘built’ presence. The entrance is marked by a single low wall, delicately cut into the land while sheltering a stairway that immediately begins the descent into the home.

Project description, images, and drawings after the break. Architect: Shubin+Donaldson Architects Location: Los Angeles, California, USA Partners in Charge: Russell Shubin and Robin Donaldson Project Designer: Bradford Kelley Project Area: 26,800 sqf Project Year: In development Renderings: Mike Amaya