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World's Largest Timber Structure Unveiled by Anders Berensson Architects

To reduce the “green” half of Sweden’s carbon emissions caused by the forest industries, Anders Berensson Architects have proposed to build the worlds largest timber structure titled the Bank of Norrland. The design aims to store carbon dioxide and a year's worth of timber production, ensuring the continuity of the Swedish construction and manufacturing industries regardless of weather and consumption.

Courtesy of Anders Berensson ArchitectsCourtesy of Anders Berensson ArchitectsCourtesy of Anders Berensson ArchitectsCourtesy of Anders Berensson Architects+ 25

The Radical Design Project

Floating hotels? Houses under bridges? Plug and play retail? Detachable aircraft pods?!

Do you think of crazy (read: ridiculous) ideas but brush them off? DON'T! If you love radical disruptions in the built environment, this project is for you. The Radical Design Project (RDP) is intended to be a collection of innovative ideas that trigger design thinking and, hopefully, generate fresh perspectives for the built environment.

ArcDeck.net is inviting entries for RDP from creatives, students, architects, designers and anyone related to the real estate / building industry. The proposals should include innovative, original, previously unpublished ideas or concepts that might seem impossible

FMZD Imagines Sangan Hotel, a Tent-Like Developement in the North-East of Iran

Farshad Mehdizadeh Design created a hotel in the small city of Sagan, as a conceptual response to the lack of residential and hospitality functions in this newly developed area of Iran. The project consists of a low-rise structure in a 50,000 m2 plot.

Courtesy of FMZD | Farshad Mehdizadeh DesignCourtesy of FMZD | Farshad Mehdizadeh DesignCourtesy of FMZD | Farshad Mehdizadeh DesignCourtesy of FMZD | Farshad Mehdizadeh Design+ 17

Blurred Border, a Conceptual Intervention Where Form Complements the Essence

The Ukrainian based architecture and design firm O.M.SHUMELDA has conceived a conceptual project that embodies a small terminal that draws the borders of the country. Without acting as a separation, Blurred Border is a proposal that impresses and inspires first comers.

Courtesy of O.M.ShumeldaCourtesy of O.M.ShumeldaCourtesy of O.M.ShumeldaCourtesy of O.M.Shumelda+ 20

Antony Gibbon Twists Concrete in Twine: Series One

Experimenting with a very rigid material, Antony Gibbon imagines a residential project where the outer concrete shell twists and turns, in order to create livable spaces. With a very basic function, the proposal is an invitation to push technical boundaries and unleash the imagination.

Conceptual Wall of Logs by Christophe Benichou

Christophe Benichou creates “The Wall of Logs”, a new conceptual getaway, a natural solid wall with perforated interiors. The project comes as a counterpoint experience for his previous endeavor Sesame, a solitary monolith, a residence in the open desert.

Courtesy of Christophe BenichouCourtesy of Christophe BenichouCourtesy of Christophe BenichouCourtesy of Christophe Benichou+ 10

Modular Housing Concepts by Danish Architects

With the concept of downsizing in mind, Danish architectural company Njordrum is elaborating innovative concepts for housing. Basing their modular design on Scandinavian aesthetics, the office hopes to bring together architecture, nature, light, and people.

Courtesy of NJORDRUMCourtesy of NJORDRUMCourtesy of NJORDRUMCourtesy of NJORDRUM+ 10

Open Call: Pop-up Bazaar Istanbul

The oriental establishments of the Middle-East, Northern Africa and some parts of Europe all mention the bustling marketplaces in their popular culture. They weren’t just the main centers of trade and business, but were multifunctional entities that contributed to the social and cultural exchange between people and civilizations. These marketplaces were called by different names in different regions and languages; Bazaar in Persian, Souk in Arabic etc. Today, bazaars tend to be found in a city's medina (old quarter) and are often important tourist attractions.

Sou Fujimoto and Coldefy & Associés Propose a Sweeping Canopy for French Court House

Sou Fujimoto and Coldefy & Associés Architects Urban Planners’ proposal for a pale sweeping canopy enclosing a stacked glazed volume was among the four finalists for the new Palais de justice in Lille, France organized by the Public Agency for Justice’s Real Estate (APIJ). Though the competition drew 139 international proposals, from which OMA was ultimately selected, Fujimoto and Coldefy & Associés' graceful structure was designed to house the high and district courts as well as public spaces within a facility in dialogue with its natural surroundings.

See the full proposal below.

Courtesy of MIRCourtesy of MIRCourtesy of MIRCourtesy of MIR+ 17