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New York City's Chrysler Building is Up for Sale

New York City's famed Chrysler Building is up for sale for the first time in over 20 years. According to the Wall Street Journal, the art deco office tower’s current owners officially placed it on the market, though the building's value has yet to be released. Designed by William Van Alen, the building was bought by Tishman Speyer in 1997. As an iconic part of the New York skyline, the building is admired for its distinctive ornamentation based on Chrysler automobiles.

"New(er) York" Imagines What New York's Historic Structures Would Look Like if Built Today

The New York Times recently reported that over 40% of the buildings on the island of Manhattan wouldn’t be granted construction permits in 2017. Most of the culprits date back to the early 20th century when attitudes towards density, ceiling heights, column placement, and general living standards were different. This begs the question: what would modern iterations of New York’s signature structures look like today? Billed by the practice as “an obsessive-compulsive study of the city we love” HWKN’s New(er) York is a peculiar experiment that tackles this hypothetical.

One Wall Street. Image Courtesy of Hollwich KushnerThe Eldorado. Image Courtesy of Hollwich Kushner214 West 29th Street. Image Courtesy of Hollwich KushnerThe Eldorado. Image Courtesy of Hollwich Kushner+ 16

The Unexpected Stories Behind 10 Skyscrapers That Were Actually Built

As long as there have been buildings mankind has sought to construct its way to the heavens. From stone pyramids to steel skyscrapers, successive generations of designers have devised ever more innovative ways to push the vertical boundaries of architecture. Whether stone or steel, however, each attempt to reach unprecedented heights has represented a vast undertaking in terms of both materials and labor – and the more complex the project, the greater the chance for things to go awry.

Ryugyong Hotel. Image © José Tomás FrancoRobot Building. Image © José Tomás FrancoCCTV Headquarters. Image © José Tomás FrancoCayan Tower. Image © José Tomás Franco+ 21