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Biodesign: The Latest Architecture and News

Biodesign Competition

The Biodesign competition is a a two week long sprint, seeking bold and innovative visions for the future of construction at the intersection of the physical, the digital and the biological.

We seek radical visions for the following categories:

  • A. Spaces for living – Single family home in the suburbs – Multi-family apartment in the city – Informal settlement or slums in the context of an emerging economy – In situ revitalization of abandoned buildings in the context of cities with declining population.
  • B. Spaces for learning or healing – Visions for primary or secondary schools – Novel typologies for wellness institutes.

For Terreform ONE, Bioengineering is the Future of Design

Could an emergency shelter also provide its users with food? Could we make furniture you can eat? Could you merge furniture and farming into one device?

It’s questions like these that set biodesign studio Terreform ONE (Open Network Ecology) apart from other design collaboratives. Instead of looking at design as finding a solution to solve one problem, their structures and furniture pieces try to tackle many issues facing the planet all at once. Need a structure to house refugees as well as find them a reliable source for protein? Why not build them a home that also acts as a cricket farm?