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This Rope Reinforcement System is an Innovation in the Structure of Adobe Buildings

In the city of Belén, Chile, as a part of the second phase of a Training Program for the Restoration of Facades in Belén, two historically important structures were recently completely restored. The project was financed by the Regional Government of Arica and Parinacota and SUBDERE (Undersecretariat of Regional and Administrative Development), in partnership with the Altiplano Foundation.

In both houses, the foundations and, where necessary, the walls were reinforced, and the traditional Andean roof and existing carpentry was restored. Notably, the structural reinforcement of the adobe walls used a rope mesh system, which was first seen in Chile in 2014 as part of the restoration of a church in San Pedro de Atacama.

© Camilo Giribas © Camilo Giribas © Camilo Giribas © Camilo Giribas + 9

Physics Department Building / Marsino Arquitectura

© Felipe Díaz Contardo © Felipe Díaz Contardo © Felipe Díaz Contardo © Felipe Díaz Contardo + 32

Arica, Chile