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Alphabet: The Latest Architecture and News

Sidewalk Labs Unveils Future City Design for Toronto's Quayside Neighborhood

Sidewalk Labs has unveiled a new proposal for Toronto's eastern waterfront and a neighborhood development called Quayside. After announcing plans to create a model smart city in Toronto last fall, Sidewalk Labs has been working to pioneer a new approach to future urban developments. Plans for Quayside were revealed during a roundtable discussion on August 14, 2018. As the subsidiary of Google's parent company Alphabet, the team responded to an open call from Waterfront Toronto with a design that features heated pavements, large public spaces and mass timber buildings.

Quayside. Image Courtesy of Sidewalk LabsQuayside. Image Courtesy of Sidewalk LabsQuayside. Image Courtesy of Sidewalk LabsQuayside. Image Courtesy of Sidewalk Labs+ 11

Here's What the Alphabet Looks Like When Converted into Baroque Palace Designs

Johann David Steingruber was a German architect and designer with over 100 buildings to his name, including many churches, town halls, school buildings and even breweries. However, perhaps what he is best known for today are the intricate illustrations of his 1773 Architectural Alphabet, in which he converted the alphabet into plans for a series of eccentric baroque palaces.

Done more as a "labor of love" rather than for any practical reason, Steingruber's book is a compilation of playful and intricate spatial relationships, with each letter providing its own unique set of challenges. Even though the letters naturally offer more complex shapes than we would ordinarily use for plans, the spaces somehow make sense. The baroque style of oval antichambers, domes, and vaults is evident not only in the plans but also in the elevations.

3XN Reveals Waving Mixed-Use Building Located Adjacent to Sidewalk Labs' Future Smart City

Danish firm 3XN has been selected as the winner of a competition to design a new mixed-use waterfront building in Toronto’s East Bayfront district that will be located on the edge of Google/Sidewalk Labs’ new smart community, Quayside.

Inspired by the reflection of the waves of Lake Ontario, ‘The Waves at Bayside’ will feature a undulating facade of metal balconies with views out to the water and a podium filled with public program including a rowing club and assortment of restaurants and cafes.

Looking northeast to The Waves at Bayside. Image © 3XNAn aerial view of the project. Image © 3XNLooking down across the multi-tired decks onto the amenity terrace. Image © 3XNAngled balconies and terraces give all suites lake views. Image © 3XN+ 10

Sidewalk Labs Announces Plans to Create Model Smart City on Toronto's Waterfront

Sidewalk Labs and Waterfront Toronto have revealed plans for a brand new community on Toronto’s Eastern Waterfront that will bring together “forward-thinking urban design and new digital technology to create people-centred neighbourhoods that achieve precedent-setting levels of sustainability, affordability, mobility, and economic opportunity.”

Public Realm Vision. Image Courtesy of Sidewalk LabsSustainability Vision. Image Courtesy of Sidewalk LabsDigital Infrastructure Vision. Image Courtesy of Sidewalk LabsHousing Vision. Image Courtesy of Sidewalk Labs+ 12

Land Lines: Trace an Infinite Path Around the Planet Using Maps

Land Lines, a new Chrome Experiment exploiting the satellite image data collated by Google Maps, allows anyone—cartographic aficionado or otherwise—to marvel at the contours of the world through gestures. Intelligently designed to detect dominant visual lines from a dataset of thousands of images, cut down from over 50,000 by using a combination of OpenCV Structured Forests and ImageJ’s Ridge Detection, users can simply "draw" or "drag" on a mobile browser or on a desktop to "create an infinite line of connected rivers, highways and coastlines."

Google (Alphabet) "Sidewalk Labs" Seeks to Improve City Life

Google has announced a major overhaul - the launch of their new parent company, Alphabet Inc. The new structure makes Google Inc. a holding company in an effort to provide more transparency to its investors and flexibility for its research endeavors. Thus, "G" will now stand for Google. The rest of the Alphabet will be a collection of companies that has yet to be entirely unveiled.

Calico, Fiber, Nest Labs, Wings, and Google X will all be part of the Alphabet, as well as a new urban innovation company known as Sidewalk Labs.