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Designing Dance: New Exhibition Traces the Origins and Legacy of Club Culture

Remember nightclubs? That mask-less, gloveless world where you’d melt into a gyrating, strobe-tinged crowd of hundreds while losing yourself to the ecstatic soul-shuddering beat of electronic dance music (EDM)? Nightclubs and their requisite soundscapes may feel like a distant and potentially panic-inducing memory today, but they have long served as vital spaces of innovation and countercultural resistance. In their fusion of creative cultures, technological innovation, and political protest, clubs are spaces where utopian dreams are born and come to life—at least for the night.

1024 architecture design Immersive Installations for Techno Exhibition in Paris

1024 architecture has released details of their exhibition at La Philharmonie de Paris. Freed from the classic codes of presentation, the exhibition adopts a raw, deliberately urban design, including a scaffolding structure reminiscent of concert scenery. The firm as also designed a digital installation, Core, whose light sculptures change with the soundtrack.

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1024’s “Vortex” Installation Unites Environmental Analysis and Art

Paris-based firm 1024 architecture has created Vortex, a generative light sculpture located within the Darwin Ecosystem Project’s green building in Bordeaux, France. The “architectural fragment” consists of scaffolding, raw wood, and twelve lines of LED light. With colored LED lights appearing to shoot across the structure, a new spatial experience is created, which also informs viewers about energy consumption within the building.

Learn more about the structure and 1024 architecture after the break.

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"Tesseract" Explores Higher-Dimensional Geometry at Bordeaux's Semaine Digitale

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As part of the Semaine Digitale, in October Bordaux will host 1024 Architecture's Tesseract, an installation inspired by the so called "four-dimensional cube." Created from no more than ordinary scaffolding, a translucent fabric skin and a series of electronically controlled lights, the installation plays with complex geometrical compositions, as the light beams rapidly create and deconstruct shapes within the outer 10 metre cubic frame.

More on the installation, and 1024 Architecture, after the break

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