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Merck Innovation Center / HENN

03:00 - 31 May, 2018
Merck Innovation Center / HENN, © HG Esch, Hennef
© HG Esch, Hennef

© HG Esch, Hennef © HG Esch, Hennef © HG Esch, Hennef © HG Esch, Hennef + 29

  • Architects

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    Darmstadt, Germany
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    Gunter Henn, Martin Henn, Georg Pichler, Klaus Ransmayr, Wolfgang Wrba, Lars Teichmann, Axel Mierisch, Susanne Paulisch, Mira Schröpfer, Andreas Fuchs, Mark Böhmer, Pattrick Bedarf, Moritz Greiling, Christian Abicht, Dirk Bathelt, Alice Dostmann, Jakob Drömmer, Sebastian Gast, Birgit Heuer, Annkatrin Kirschner, Lea Kreibich, Diana Krumbein, Alexa Rautenberg, Katja Schuppelius, Joana Schwarz, Katrin Jacobs, Martina Knotkova, Yvonne Koll, Claudia Wulf, Michael Sadomskyj, Petra Fähnrich, Anne Henkel, Jürgen Kaufmann, Wolfgang Krebs, Wolfgang Malisius, Christian Rassmann, Andreas Hahn, Falk Flade, Gisela Albrecht, Nadia Badawi, Dirk Beuer, Thomas Hein, Tino Müller, Dirk Breuer, Martin Erdinger, Kathrin Gleiß, Ralph Hempel, Andreas Lindig, Uwe Dierke, Isabel Steinkamp Gonzales, Illija Bentscheff, Raphael Froch, Attila Horvath, Oliver Koch, Grzegorz Schnottale, Julia Steinberger
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International Passive House Conference 2016

10:53 - 6 January, 2016
International Passive House Conference 2016

The Passive House is now 25 years old; to celebrate this, the International Passive House Conference is returning to Darmstadt – the city in Germany, in which this success story began. On 22 and 23 April 2016, over a hundred speakers from all over the world will report on the latest projects relating to highly energy efficient construction and retrofits. But the anniversary will also serve as an occasion for a review, with the presentation of results relating to the durability of the individual building components of the first Passive House. The complete Conference programme is now available online. In

HENN Designs Clover-Shaped Innovation Center for Merck Headquarters in Germany

08:00 - 29 October, 2015
HENN Designs Clover-Shaped Innovation Center for Merck Headquarters in Germany, Courtesy of HENN
Courtesy of HENN

HENN has broken ground on the Innovation Center at pharmaceutical company Merck's corporate headquarters and factory in Darmstadt, Germany.

The new Center follows the site’s pre-established master plan, also designed by HENN, placing the new building complex between two existing company buildings and at the end of what is to become a spacious public square.

Courtesy of HENN Courtesy of HENN Courtesy of HENN Courtesy of HENN + 16

Fraunhofer-Institut TZA / JSWD Architekten

00:00 - 25 January, 2013
Fraunhofer-Institut TZA / JSWD Architekten, © Felix Krumbholz
© Felix Krumbholz

©  Thomas Lewandovski ©  Thomas Lewandovski © Felix Krumbholz © Felix Krumbholz + 13