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How to Create 360° Renders | GRAPHISOFT
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How to Create 360° Renders | GRAPHISOFT

  • Use

    Architectural renders
  • Applications

    360° renders
  • Characteristics

    Easy to use, adjustable settings

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More about this product

360° renders provide an immersive render experience to communicate architectural spaces in the round. The Cinerender engine in ARCHICAD is a Spherical Camera that allows the production of high-quality 360° renders.

The 360° renders can be embedded as gifs into websites combined with BIMx Webviewer functions or easily into most social media platforms.

To create a 360° render in ARCHICAD select the Detailed Render settings in the PhotoRendering Settings dialog. If you enable the Spherical Camera, a number of settings appear:

Graphisoft | 360° Renders

  • Field of View (FOV) Helper: This setting allows you to render an entire sphere (equirectangular) or only above the horizon line (Dome)
  • Mapping: This describes how the 360° image will be handled. The lat-long mapping (or equirectangular) setting is most commonly supported, however in some cases the cube-map is required as it uses the six faces of a cube to map the shape.
  • Fit Frame and Use Full Image: The Fit Frame option stretches the region to fill the entire bitmap. Use Full Range will utilize an all-around view or if disabled only a portion that is defined by the specified view angles.

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