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How "Integrated Design" Works With Archicad | GRAPHISOFT
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How "Integrated Design" Works With Archicad | GRAPHISOFT

  • Use

    BIM methodology
  • Applications

    Architecture and construction
  • Characteristics

    Work efficiency, integrated design, multidisciplinary development

More about this product

GRAPHISOFT® promotes the use of BIM methodology as a tool that contributes towards the development of efficiency in projects. BIM Archicad software -launched in 1984- has a variety of benefits that make it efficient to work using integrated solutions.

The Archicad BIM software has an ecosystem of integrated solutions that allow construction documentation sets to be automatically updated, guaranteeing a more coordinated process with fewer unforeseen events. It is based on the concept of "integrated design" which consists of a workflow that integrates both architects and engineers in a shared BIMcloud environment. Furthermore, BIMcloud maintains data with backup copies and an alert and preventive monitoring system. The objective of this method is to generate a fluid and transparent process that allows project members to work in parallel.

Archicad Design

MEP Modeler

Archicad includes an MEP Modeler that consists of a BIMx application that allows high precision virtual tours to be carried out, granting access to all participants. Archicad consolidates a multidisciplinary and collaborative system that follows the rules of the digital transformation of the design and construction industry.

Archicad Design

Are You Ready

Are You Ready is a GRAPHISOFT® initiative that offers a specialized evaluation of the use of the BIM methodology, where workflows, design processes, productivity, and potential loss of income are reviewed. Through this campaign it is possible to understand the importance of a good BIM tool, therefore, it is an optimal way for more architecture and construction offices to begin using Archicad and its derivatives for the development of their projects.

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