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Digital Delivery Design Tool - MorinBIM Configurator | Morin Corp.
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Digital Delivery Design Tool - MorinBIM Configurator | Morin Corp.

  • Use

    Dynamic digital design, 3D modelling
  • Applications

    Specifying, client presentation
  • Characteristics

    Intuitive user interface, flexible, free to use, customizable BIM elements
  • Format

    140 file formats

More about this product

Morin Corporation specializes in the roll forming of architectural heavier gauge single skin metal wall and metal roof systems. They manufacture over 100 profiles for any size project. Alongside architectural panels, Morin Corporation offers a complete suite of metal cladding finishes which include perforations, corners, coordinated louvers and fasteners, and custom extrusions.

The new Morin BIM Configurator provides a dynamic digital delivery of custom 3D Profiles to be used in a 2D or 3D format with a range of CAD platforms. Revit and CAD files for panels can be tailored to the exact profile, metal, gauge, and color and then used in the same applications as the files from BIM “Libraries”.

Over 30 Integrated Wall Panels are the first wave of profiles to be loaded. Currently, every wall panel loaded can be joined with another. With the number of variables, there are literally tens of thousands of design combinations available.

The “old” method is to create “Libraries” of hundreds of objects with variations. Now, the user can quickly filter through thousands of variables and select the exact object in moments and download them in the exact format they need.

Morin BIM Configurator has AR/VR modes to suit varying output streams for client presentations as well as a mobile phone app that allows you to design on the go. Once a design is finalized, a simple registration and login process allow CAD and product sheets to be downloaded. Users can also receive a free 3D PDF datasheet to share with team members that don’t have CAD access or to use for submissions. These sheets contain the latest product data information and a basic product overview.

Features & Benefits:

  • Thousands of variations and fully customizable
  • A better delivery system that does not rely on CAD libraries
  • Metal panels available in 100+ File Formats
  • Free to download – Simply register once and the app will save file type download preferences
  • Scalable dynamic digital delivery
  • Supports augmented reality

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