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How to Bring Architectural Designs to Life | Lumion

  • Use

    Architectural visualization
  • Applications

    Rendered images, videos, 360° panoramas
  • Characteristics

    Fast rendering speeds, intuitive user experience, compatibility with most design software, real-time rendering, photorealistic and conceptual views, large objects and materials library, fits within any workflow or practice
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More about this product

As an intuitive visualization software made especially for architects, Lumion provides a wide range of features, effects and content to help transform 3D models into renders.


With Lumion, its possible to create images, videos and 360 panoramas for residential and commercial designs with speed and ease. With the ability to create beautiful renders quickly, its easier to support workflows with clear and confident reviews during the design development phases.

undefinedModel provided by CMonje

Lumion seamlessly fits within any workflow, no matter your approach to design development and 3D modeling. Its viable to import your model into Lumion from all major CAD and 3D software, including Revit, SketchUp, ArchiCAD, Rhino and more.

  1. Vizualise with real-time rendering and 360-degree inspection
    Save time during this phase by setting up a LiveSync real-time rendering connection with your CAD software. With LiveSync, you can model as you render, render as you model, and drive faster and more confident design decisions.

    Its also possible to enjoy free and unrestricted movement to inspect every angle. Fly around for a 360-degree inspection of the project’s structure and design elements. Explore the interior rooms and get a feel for space and dimension.

    From the ground level to the bird’s-eye view, Lumion helps you view your residential and commercial projects, giving you valuable insights to propel the project forward.

  2. Show designs in their real-life context
    Context provides a crucial layer of meaning to every architectural design. It grounds the design to its natural and built environments, whether it’s the curve of a passing river, the aesthetic connection to the surrounding forest or the legacy of the site’s previous use.

    undefinedModel design by VIS3DARQ

    With Lumion’s versatility you can capture all the details of the real-life context in a time-saving, pleasant manner. Sculpt mountains and rolling hills around a luxury home design. Create oceans, lakes and rivers for your waterfront projects. Produce the forest, desert, prairie or marsh of the project site.

    Lumion also comes with several features that turn context-building into a one-click affair. With OpenStreetMaps, for instance, you can instantly import all of the real-life building data, elevation data and satellite imagery of your project’s setting. Photo Matching feature lets you skip a few steps by making it easy to place your building visualization into a photograph.

  3. Include detail from the library
    Every detail matters when it comes to making designs feel alive. They help clients experience the home or building design in a personal, more intimate manner, connecting the design to its future as a physical, real-life structure.


    Fill your renders with a stunning level of detail from over 6,900 objects and 1,350 strikingly tactile materials in the ever-growing Lumion content library.

    Plant hundreds of detailed, animated trees and plants. Convey what it’s like to live in and experience the space with the furniture, decorations and other household items, giving the clients a vivid picture in their minds of the project’s textures and materials.

    Customize all materials with surface decals, displacement mapping, weathering and much more.

  4. Emote with atmosphere
    When rendering with Lumion, every project is an opportunity for creative expression. With the help of dozens of intuitive effects, you can tell a compelling story about the role of your design and its impact on the people and communities around it.

    undefinedModel designed by Obra Visuals

    Instantly capture the atmosphere and aesthetics of different lighting condition. Show how sunsets will look from the backyard. Get an idea of how the morning light feels in the bedrooms.

    Show your project in all sorts of climatic conditions. Increase the ambiance and mood in visualizations with features such as volumetric lighting, rain streaks, fog, color correction and more.

    undefinedModel design by Adam Ingram

    With a wide selection of artistic effects, such as orthographic views, blueprint, outlines, tilt-shift and others, it takes only seconds to turn your 3D models into conceptual presentations and digital sketches.

    undefinedModel by Van Manen

  5. Create an immersive video
    Take advantage of incredibly intuitive animation tools to create architectural videos full of atmosphere and style. Create a sense of immersion with leaves and blades of grass moving in the breeze. Take clients on a room-by-room tour of the home design before it’s built.

As an architect, it’s important to have the right tools at your disposal. Lumion gives you the widest range of effects, features and contents to help you bring your designs to life with ease.

Furthermore, visualizing with Lumion is a pleasant, satisfying experience in itself; it brings joy to architecture workflows and encourages creative expression.

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