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Metal Cladding in Thaden CP4 Building | Morin Corp.
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Metal Cladding in Thaden CP4 Building | Morin Corp.

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    Continuous length panels, heavy-gauge metal panels, maintenance-free, custom color matching

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Morin Corp.

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Morin Corporation is specialized in roll forming of architectural heavier gauge single skin metal wall and metal roof systems. These exact components were used extensively in a very challenging way on both the wall and roof of the recently completed Thaden CP4 school building. This building is one part of a much larger and very unique campus in Bentonville, Arkansas.

"Designed by a team of nationally renowned architects, the campus is designed to 'spark curiosity and inspire creativity'", according to the school website. It was a creative and technical challenge for single skin metal, the perfect niche job for Morin who specializes in just that.

Metal cladding was used to cover the entire building including as part of a very complex roof design using continuous length panels formed on-site. Morin equipment and production teams oversaw site forming of the architecturally strong Morin SLR Roof panels and the extensive detailing of the roof. Roll forming on-site was the key to successfully implementing the design that included many angles and technical aspects.

Because of the complex geometry, multiple seams and laps, there were concerns over warranty. Jeff Wicker, VP from Shefers Roofing worked extensively with the Morin technical team remotely to design and custom-fabricate all the elements needed to ensure a watertight warranty from Morin.

Wall panels on this project were installed by a different company, managed by a different Morin region, but all coordinated by Morin. This project used the popular dynamic look of multiple integrated panels from the Morin Matrix Series. These panels are a part of multiple series and over 25 different profiles that can be mixed & matched together in a variety of configurations. The design impact of variable panels and the shadows and dimensional depth to these panels, as well as angular cuts, play well with the ‘curiosity and creativity' theme of the overall campus.

Color Matching

Custom color-matching to a particular need and in both the wall and roof was an important feature of the design facilitated by Morin Corporation. A high-build custom metallic paint finish was also used.

Thaden CP4 Façade Cladding

Fun note: The green color emulates the color of a rare 1968 Ford Mustang. Wall and roof panels can be custom color-matched from just about anything, and the finished color can even be adjusted to accommodate the slight hue variations in the substrates.

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Morin Corp.

Contact manufacturer

Contact manufacturer

Morin Corp.

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