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Pivot Hinges for Interior Pivot Doors | FritsJurgens
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Pivot Hinges for Interior Pivot Doors | FritsJurgens

  • Use

    Interior pivot door hinges
  • Applications

    Commercial, residential
  • Characteristics

    Loadbearing up to 500 kg, concealed pivot hinges, choice of pivot system

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More about this product

Interior Pivot Doors - Ultimate Elegance

Interior pivot doors exceed the function of regular doors. Their look and movement make it possible to create true design statements that are part of the interior and at the same time functional. An interior door is used often and should therefore be resistant to the wear and tear of daily use. When a FritsJurgens pivot hinge is applied, the door will contain its smooth and fluent movement for over a million movements equalling 136 years of daily use.

Unlimited design possibilities

FritsJurgens pivot hinge systems are suitable for a range of interior pivot doors using various types of materials. The load-bearing capacity from 20 kg to 500 kg per door creates unlimited design possibilities. Create for example a glass door, a steel door or combine these materials. Wooden pivot doors, extra-large doors, and even antique doors are also suited for a FritsJurgens pivot hinge, among many other materials. It is in addition possible to make a pivot door with a FritsJurgens hinge fire-resistant and soundproof.

Timeless quality

An interior pivot door is used multiple times a day and should have smoothe predictable and consistent movement. Every FritsJurgens pivot hinge is tested thoroughly in their on-site testing facility before being shipped. They are made from materials of the highest quality and created to last over a million movements equal to 136 years of daily use. The hinges are therefore ideal for a timeless interior pivot door.

A Hinge for every situation

There are four pivot hinge systems that are suited to different applications; System M, System M+, System One and System 3. Every pivot hinge can carry doors with weights up to 500 kg meaning there is no limit to the inspiration you can find when designing a pivot door. The choice for a system depends on the door, the placement of the door and the way you want to use your interior pivot door.

  • System One is the most compact hinge and acts as a pivot point. It can perfectly be combined with 360-degree pivoting doors.
  • System 3 is also suitable for 360-degree pivoting doors and has multiple hold positions.
  • System M offers complete control over the movement of the interior door. It has hold positions at every 90 degrees angle, is self-closing and has adjustable damper control. Damper control protects the door from touching the wall and ensures a smooth and elegant closing movement.
  • System M+ takes the System M pivot hinge range to a new level. This adjustable pivot hinge brings Latch Control to ensure proper latching, guaranteed control over the movement of doors up to 500 kg, and extra adjustability for the movement of the door.
System M System M+
undefined System M+
  • Hold positions at 0˚, 90˚and -90˚
  • Self-closing from -125˚ to + 125˚
  • Adjustable closing damping (soft closing)
  • Adjustable hydraulic backcheck
  • Can be combined with door frames
  • Patented system
  • Hold positions at 0°, 90° and -90°
  • Damper Control
  • FlowMotion Technology
  • 30° Speed Control
  • Latch Control
  • Guaranteed control over the movement from 20 to 500 kg
System One System 3
undefined undefined
  • Compact system
  • No hold positions or closure function
  • Can be combined with door frames
  • Hold positions at 0˚, 90˚, 180˚ and 270˚
  • Self-opening
  • Self-closing
  • Patented spring system

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