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How to Adjust Façade Panel Color Mix in Revit | STENI
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How to Adjust Façade Panel Color Mix in Revit | STENI

  • Use

    Facade Design
  • Applications

    BIM Modeling
  • Characteristics

    Easy to use, randomized, color testing

More about this product

Steni Facades in Revit allows you to test a variety of colour combinations and options on an automatically panelised facade. You can easily change the colours (available in three gloss levels) and distribution of colours by using the function ‘randomize colours’. You can adjust the number of panels containing a certain colour by changing percentage values on a slider. You can also lock values and adjust the other colours which allows you to play with the appearance of different combinations.

The Steni ribbon tab allows a great degree of customisation so you can create custom panel divisions and to change the color of any façade panel. You can also create corner panels or new elements such as windows and doors after creating a panel façade. Steni BIM modules are available for both Revit and ArchiCad.

Steni Facades panels

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