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3D Concrete Printing | Sika

  • Use

    Interior or exterior concrete constructions
  • Applications

    On-site printing, infrastructure & civil engineering, formwork, facade elements, modular building, building components, architectural walls, stairs, furniture, colored concrete, custom projects
  • Characteristics

    Lower construction costs, design flexibility, precise manufacture, reduced material waste, increased productivity, complex structures possible

More about this product

Cementitious 3D construction printing (3DCP) or 3D concrete printing is a form of additive manufacturing that can fabricate custom objects from small components such as architectural furniture, or large-scale, fully-printed buildings and civil infrastructure. The possibilities are endless and can be used to create objects that aren't feasible with traditional concrete casting methods.

Sikacrete® 3D material solutions are used to print concrete very precisely and rapidly, according to project specifications.

Digitalization in Construction

Reinforced concrete has been used for decades as an economical construction method. The interest in and capability of digital technology including the use of 3D concrete printing is driving a shift aimed at improving productivity, saving time, and at the same time, offering something truly unique.

Sika offers innovative 3D concrete printing materials and solutions to the owners, architects, engineers, and contractors who can imagine the design flexibility and potential in 3DCP.

How 3D Concrete Printing Works

  1. A print head/nozzle is mounted onto a robot arm or gantry.
  2. The print head/nozzle is connected to a pump with a hose pipe.
  3. The components of the material are mixed.
  4. The mix is pumped into the print head/nozzle.
  5. Lines are extruded on top of each other.
  6. Additions or admixtures can be added to alter the properties of the mix.


  • Positive action pan mixer for cementitious materials
  • Pump for conveying freshly mixed material continuously
  • Sufficient length of pipe to connect the pump and print head
  • Robot arm or gantry, including control software
  • Print head/nozzle
  • Suitable software for translating a 3D computer model into a machine program -often referred to as slicing-

Sika Products for Concrete Printing

Sika offers comprehensive Sikacrete® 3D solutions to support you to start or improve your 3D concrete printing business. In addition to 3DCP products and technical support, they offer a wide range of solutions to add value to your entire project.

1K - One-component 2K - Two-component
Use Already in 3D Concrete Printing Getting started in 3D Concrete Printing
About Sika provides cementitious materials for printing objects with your equipment. There are numerous types of mixers, pumps, and robotics on the market. To achieve a successful print, the equipment and material must work together. All these factors play a significant role in achieving optimal results for the finished concrete. 2K or 2-component is used to refer to the number of modules in a material to make a product. Sika’s award-winning 2K system is a gantry equipment and accelerated printing materials together in a unique turn-key solution fully developed by Sika. This is an automated system utilizing several existing Sika technologies to produce very fast, precise, and high-quality printing.
  • Technical Support
    Help and assistance from local Sika organizations, with know-how in cementitious technology, 3DCP applications and knowledge of the construction industry.
    Support with laboratory testing
  • High Quality
    Small grain size for a smooth finish in light grey
  • Increased Productivity
    Accelerated products for building and stacking higher layers to improve output
  • Add-Ons
    A range of Sika products can add value to your product proposition
  • Industry-Ready
    Saves time on choosing, ordering, setting up, and testing materials
  • Technical Support
    Sika know-how for printing materials, CAD, technical design, operator manuals, training, and updates
  • High Quality
    Small grain size for a smooth finish in light grey or optional colors with a very high standard of printing
  • Increased Productivity
    - Automated process requires less labor than traditional concrete casting techniques.
    - Immediate setting means the objects can be moved within a short time after printing.
    - The l long pot life of the mix means the production process can be paused and restarted easily
  • Add-Ons
    A range of Sika products can add value to your product proposition

Compatible Solutions

Sika has a range of compatible products to enhance and improve any 3D concrete printing project including concrete admixtures, filling, grouting, leveling, protection, sealing, bonding, strengthening, and fixing.

Sika is actively seeking partners to develop materials that work with different types of 3D concrete printing equipment.

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