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Architectural Concrete Architectural Concrete Architectural Concrete Architectural Concrete Architectural Concrete Architectural Concrete Architectural Concrete Architectural Concrete Architectural Concrete Architectural Concrete
  • Use

    Internal and external
  • Applications

    Commercial, residential, education, transport and infrastructure, architectural elements, facades, parking garages, driveways, footpaths, facades, balconies, footpaths, street furniture, roads, bridges, tunnels, airports
  • Characteristics

    Durable, low maintenance, resistant to mechanical damage, versatile, color options, cost effective

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More about this product

The flexibility of concrete in design enables the architect or designer to create structures not possible with other construction materials. Sika brings over 100 years of experience and expertise in concrete formulation and optimization that allows structures of true architectural value to be realized.

Benefits of Architectural Concrete:

  • It is durable and low maintenance
  • Cost-effective in comparison with other systems
  • Resists mechanical damage
  • Eliminates the need for the application of coatings or paints
  • Versatile in design
  • Numerous colors are available

Design Vision & Proper Formulation Of The Concrete Mix Design

To achieve the best results in architectural concrete, it is important to establish a collaborative approach to the project and design. Involving Sika early in the design process ensures good communication and understanding that gives the best chance to realize the design vision to its fullest extent. Sika can assess the locally available material components (aggregate and cement) and evaluate them to ensure that the selected Sika solutions are optimized providing superior finishes and durability.

Surface Finishing

There are many different types of surface finish that can be achieved. Attention should always be given to the type of surface finish as this will always significantly affect the visual appreciation of the structure.

  • Formed concrete
  • Form lined concrete
  • Exposed aggregate finishes
  • Troweled finishes
  • Brushed finishes
  • Blast cleaned or mechanically tooled
  • Patented imprinted concrete
  • Polished concrete

On-Site Support

Sika representatives support the owner, designer and contractor on their projects from the initial design through to completion. Samples of proposed concrete formulations can also be provided so that the Designer and Owner can make informed decisions. Sika technical staff are available on-site during construction so that the project is truly supported from conception to completion.

Sika® Architectural Concrete System Components

Concrete mix design and optimization suitable for the intended application are essential for the success of Sika® Architectural Concrete. Additionally, thanks to concrete pigments, admixtures, and other products in the Sika® Architectural range, it's possible to produce a high-quality concrete suitable for all possible applications and contractor's requirements that will satisfy the most demanding designer's and owner's.

Sika Product Description
Sika® Color concrete pigment A range of synthetic iron oxide powder and liquid pigments available in numerous different colors. They are permanent, stable and UV resistant. Solar Reflective Index (SRI) values are available.
Sika® ViscoCrete® A range of HRWR/ Superplasticizers that enhance the workability and durability of concrete
Sika ViscoFlow® Specifically developed admixtures to extend and retain the workability of concrete for long periods of time.
Sika® Stabilizer® Admixture used to increases the stability of concrete. It improves cohesion and surface finishes.
SikaControl® Admixture reducing drying shrinkage cracking in structures that can cause a visual defect in the concrete.
Sika® Rugasol® Surface retarder can be used to provide an exposed aggregate finish to concrete.
Sika® Separol® A range of mold release agents. The range of products enables the fulfillment of many different types of application and formwork type.
Sika® Antisol® Sika® Antisol® products for architectural concrete are spray-applied curing compounds which are highly UV resistant.
Sika® Perfin Used to improve the surface finish of concrete by reducing the occurrence of pores and blowholes on the concrete surface.
Sikagard® Surface treatments which can be applied to enhance the durability or visual appearance of concrete.

About Sika

Sika is present locally in more than 100 countries, which allows them to bring their customers and their clients not only a proven range of products but additional services, such as wind load calculations, application training, CAD details, BIM objects and technical consultations, guarantees, etc. Sika is the only full-range materials supplier for materials used in concrete production, waterproofing, roofing, flooring, sealing, bonding, grouting, reinforcing, concrete repair and protection, structural glazing and more, for all types of buildings and civil engineer structures.

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