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Webnet - Sports and Fun | Jakob
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Webnet - Sports and Fun | Jakob

  • Use

    Playground equipment, safety netting
  • Applications

    Educational, public
  • Characteristics

    Excellent price/performance ratio, small quantities available, longevity, maintenance free
  • Certification

    International code compliant

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More about this product

The innovative playground Lange Erlen in Basel, Switzerland spans over 3000 square metres and is particularly striking for its use of fiber rope and stainless steel net structures. The playground was inspired by the local zoo to adopt creative use of modern rope nets: in a climbable bird’s nest, a covered anthill or as a spiderweb. The net construction both provides security and becomes a central element of the playing experience.

This project used around 450 square metres of hemp and stainless steel Webnet from Jakob Rope Systems to combine atmosphere, safety and minimal maintenance. The fibre net consists of Herkules rope, with a core of steel wire in each strand providing longevity and protection against vandalism. At the same time, the wires stiffen the net and support the structure. Each strand is fully covered by a fibre coat to ensure grip and minimise accidents.

Jakob Rope Systems is a Swiss manufacturer that produces a wide variety of nets for any applications. They can tailor make nets to suit different needs and for complex geometries which enhances the possibilities when designing playgrounds and public spaces. Jakob's Webnet is made of stainless steel and therefore resistant to corrosion and weatherproof even in stormy and wintry conditions. Its properties ensure that Webnet is a safe and reliable solution for many applications.

Jakob Products

  • Webnet Ø 2.0 mm, mesh 40 mm, 360 square metres
  • Fibre net made from Herkules ropes Ø 16.0 mm, mesh ca. 100 x 100 mm, 100 square metres
  • Planning, modelling, production and final installation of the net structure


Webnet is a stainless steel woven wire mesh with exceptional tensile resilience and flexibility. It is robust and weather resistant, requires virtually no maintenance and has a delicate structure minimizing visual impairment. Webnet nets are fabricated according to customer specifications with regards to shape, size and orientation.

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