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How to Attach Heavy Panels with Hidden Fixings | Fastmount®
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How to Attach Heavy Panels with Hidden Fixings | Fastmount®

  • Use

    Heavy panel installation
  • Applications

    Wall/ceiling cladding
  • Characteristics

    Easy installation, few components, removable, hidden fasteners, interchangeable clips, installation and removal tools supplied
  • Format

    Installation kit
  • Guarantee

    Two-year limited warranty

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This how-to describes using Fastmount parts to mount a heavy panel -in this case LightBeton Heavy MDF with concrete facing from Plytech to a timber framework.

Fastmount parts MC-F10 and MC-F5 (male and female clips) from the Metal Range
Panel LightBeton by Plytech 19mm panel weighing 16.5kg/ m2
Base structure 90 x 45 Pine framing
  • 20mm drill bit
  • CT-09
  • CT-09DG
  • MC-IT5
  • MC-CP5
  • Fastmount Layout Guide TD-09

Installation steps:

  1. Mark clip spacings according to Fastmount heavy wall panel guide (TD-09).

  2. Drill 20mm holes at markings, 25mm deep.

    Drilling | Fastmount

  3. Using the MC-IT5 tool, screw MC-F10 female clips into frames.

    Female Clip | Fastmount

  4. Optional: The female clips can be screw-fixed where required.

  5. Insert centerpoints into the installed female clips (CP-01ST).

    Centerpoints in Female Clips | Fastmount

  6. Place panel onto the frame, aligning panel with packers.

    Marking with Centerpoints | Fastmount

  7. Press panel to mark clip positions.

  8. Remove center points.

  9. Take panel to bench and use CT-09 & CT09DG to drill out the point marks on the back of the panel.

    Drill Panel Back | Fastmount

  10. Using MC-IT5, install MC-M5 male clips on the panel backs.

    Install Male Clip | Fastmount

  11. Optional: these can be screw-fixed if needed.

  12. Align male and female clips and push the panel onto the frame.

    Male and Female Clips | Fastmount

The FastmountTM panel mounting system is ideal for removable ceiling and wall panels. The clips are all interchangeable, and the hidden fixing system allows for flexing and expansion of the panel and support frame. Installation and removal tools are supplied.

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