Axiom Town Headquarter Complex / MBAD Arquitectos + X Architects

Courtesy of + X Architects

The design for the Axiom Town Headquarter Complex by MBAD Arquitectos + X Architects aims to have good urban quality, a young and smart-casual feel, an outstanding look, and an innovative solution to all functional and operational objectives. In order to achieve these desired workspace qualities, the concept includes integrating the landscape with the building and blurring the edge between the interior and the exterior. The architectural edge becomes an active edge not only between the immediate interior and exterior of the building, but also between the interior and the created exterior space within the building while also forming the program spaces. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Urban Oasis / X-Architects


based X-Architects recently unveiled the Urban Oasis, their latest sustainable master plan for .  The 12-hectare urban development was conceived as a “micro-specific, compact, and passive sustainable urban oasis.”  Inspired by the existing natural environment and the traditional dense urban fabric of Islamic cities, the master plan develops an “environmental synergy between landscape and urbanity.”
More about the master plan after the break.

Houseboat / X-Architects

Architects: X-Architects
Location: marina,
Program: Leisure home
Constructed Area: 220 sqm