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Grow Box / Merge Architects

09:00 - 21 July, 2016
Grow Box  / Merge Architects, © John Horner
© John Horner

© John Horner © John Horner © John Horner © John Horner +16

NBBJ Unveils $310 Million Renovation for Kentucky's Rupp Arena

01:00 - 13 February, 2014
NBBJ Unveils $310 Million Renovation for Kentucky's Rupp Arena, Rupp from Triangle Park. Image © NBBJ + EOP + SCAPE
Rupp from Triangle Park. Image © NBBJ + EOP + SCAPE

NBBJ, together with EOP Architects, has unveiled a massive renovation plan for Lexington’s famous collegiate basketball arena, Rupp Arena. An attempt to upgrade the 38-year-old arena’s facilities and strengthen its connection to the surrounding urban realm, the 23,500-seat stadium will be separated from the adjoining convention center, which is also undergoing renovation, while its enclosed facade is re-clad in glass and site sculpts a vibrant new public square within the heart of the city. 

Urban Fragment: Jose Oubrerie’s Miller House

01:00 - 19 August, 2013
Urban Fragment: Jose Oubrerie’s Miller House, © Samuel Ludwig
© Samuel Ludwig

This article was written by Seattle-based designer and critic Evan Chakroff

Lexington Kentucky’s Miller House is a built manifesto: an ambitious proposal for the future of suburbia in an age of unprecedented urbanization. Despite its pedigree – designed and built by Le Corbusier protégé José Oubrerie – and despite its (appropriate) selection as a “masterwork” by Kenneth Frampton, the project remains somewhat unknown and the architect underappreciated.

The house should absolutely occupy a place in the canon of great residential architecture. The complex composition alone should inspire myriad formal readings, but more importantly the house represents a model for communal life amid continuously-shifting family structures. It’s a radical rejection of a suburban lifestyle that has become socially, economically, and culturally unsustainable. 

Southland Christian Church / EOP Architects

01:00 - 15 February, 2013
Southland Christian Church /  EOP Architects, © Phebus Photography
© Phebus Photography

© Phebus Photography © Phebus Photography © Phebus Photography © Phebus Photography +14

  • Architects

  • Location

    Southland Christian Church - Richmond Campus, Lexington, KY 40502, United States
  • Area

    17558.0 sqm
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

SCAPE/Landscape Architecture Wins Competition for Lexington Masterplan

00:00 - 5 February, 2013
SCAPE's Masterplan for Lexington, Kentucky's Town Branch Commons. Image © SCAPE/Landscape Architecture
SCAPE's Masterplan for Lexington, Kentucky's Town Branch Commons. Image © SCAPE/Landscape Architecture

New York-based SCAPE/Landscape Architecture has beat out 4 national/international firms, including JDS Architects, to design a Masterplan for the Town Branch Commons, a two-mile linear stretch of green space that will connect the eastern and western sections of downtown LexingtonKentucky. The Competition has garnered attention for its interesting challenge: to bring the Town Branch Creek, a river which has been underground for over 100 years, to the surface. 

Jeff Fugate, President and COO of the Lexington Downtown Development Authority, which sponsored the competition, noted that “The [five-person] jury had five excellent choices, but SCAPE clearly was above the competition.” Aaron Betsky, the director of the Cincinnati Art Museum and the jury chairman also explained the choice: “As a jury, we felt inspired and excited by the breath of the designers’ vision, while we felt confident that they would be able to implement their plan." 

Kate Orff, founder of SCAPE, notes that the firm is looking forward to working with the community to make the vision a reality: “SCAPE is so thrilled to be a part of this exciting initiative to revive Town Branch, make new connections downtown, and improve the quality of life in Lexington. We’ve been inspired by the realities and conditions on the ground and by the potential of water to inform the design of new urban landscapes.”  

Find out more about the Masterplan, after the break... 

Kickstarter: Fresh Punches //// Experimental Architecture Prototypes

15:00 - 22 June, 2012
Courtesy of suckerPUNCH
Courtesy of suckerPUNCH

Help kick start the suckerPUNCH + land of tomorrow exhibition that will feature twenty student projects from around the United States that explore the possibilities of fabrication and material experimentation at the start of the 21st century. Slated for Fall 2012, this exhibition will have it all – “transmogrifications, strange sensations, primal textures, unfamiliar geometries, self-propagating architectural species, augmented atmospherics, vicissitudinous juxtapositions, reinvented building typologies, sensual pleated skins, a crisis or two, physiologically responsive interfaces, threshold blurring gizmos, and plenty of robots”.

If funding is successful, this exhibition will provide the rare opportunity to display the exploration and research from multiple U.S. architecture schools in one location. The three top projects will have prototypes fabricated by Drura Parrish at PR&vD.

Support this project here. Continue reading for more information. 

Space Group Completes Lexington Master Plan

13:00 - 5 March, 2012
© Space Group
© Space Group

Space Group, based out of Oslo, Norway, recently completed the master plan for Lexington, Kentucky’s new Arena, Arts and Entertainment District. Beating out 13 other architectural firms, the 46 acre development will incorporate a basketball arena, convention center, performing arts center, school of the arts, offices, retail shops and housing. A unique aspect that was incorporated was the distinctive compactness of the existing downtown area and its proximity to residential neighborhoods. In order to accommodate predicted future growth, Space Group conceived a strategy that mirrors the footprint of the existing downtown district and projects it along an axis in line with the Rupp Arena. More info after the break.

© Space Group © Space Group © Space Group © Space Group +34

Big Dig House / Single Speed Design

01:00 - 24 June, 2009
Big Dig House / Single Speed Design

Big Dig House / Single Speed Design Big Dig House / Single Speed Design Big Dig House / Single Speed Design Big Dig House / Single Speed Design +41

  • Architects

  • Location

    Lexington, MA, United States
  • Architects

    Single Speed Design
  • Site Area

    1,784 sqm
  • Area

    353.0 sqm
  • Project Year