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Eco-Cube Proposal / A-lab

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© Placebo Effects for A-lab
© Placebo Effects for A-lab

A-lab is currently working on a design proposal for an eco-cube for the UNION group which will be a pilot project for A-lab’s eco-BIM technology.

The Økern area of Oslo faces significant changes in the near future and is being developed as a new destination in the city. The new Økern center brings shopping, culture and housing to the area. Lørenveien 68 will function as a broker between the new Økern center and Løren’s established residential area. More images and project description after the break.

In Progress: Statoil / a-lab

© Jiri Havran
© Jiri Havran

Architect: a-lab Location: Oslo, Norway Client: IT-Fornebu Eiendom Landscape Design: Østengen & Bergo Structural Engineer: Norconsult M&E Services: Electro : Føyn Consult / Ventilation : Norconsult Build Cost: 1,500 mill NOK Project Area: 117,000 sqm Photographs: Jiri Havran, Luis Fonseca

© Jiri Havran © Jiri Havran © Jiri Havran © Jiri Havran

New Library and renovation of City Hall in Søgne / A-Lab

Courtesy A-Lab
Courtesy A-Lab

The construction of the new library and renovation of City Hall in Søgne, Norway is starting this September, Architects A-Lab is behind the new project. For images of the future library and renovated city hall, just follow us after the break.

Urban Plan for Furuset / a-lab with COWI AS & Architectopia

Courtesy of a-lab with  COWI AS & Architectopia
Courtesy of a-lab with COWI AS & Architectopia

This competition entry for the densification of the surburb of Furuset outside of Oslo, Norway comes from a-lab in collaboration with COWI AS and Architectopia. The goal of the project is toreduce the CO2 emission by 50% by the year 2030, Furuset will be a model project in sustainable urban development by increasing the density of the community with the addition of 2500 housing units and 1500 workspaces. With a growing and diversifying population, the designers considered the kind of urban plan that is adaptive and stable enough to nurture the growth of the community developing in Furuset. The proposal looks forward to creating a strong identity that forms the framework for a high quality of life. exciting urban spaces, diversity, density and a healthy economy. More on the development of this proposal after the break.

Skien Brygg / A-lab and SEA

Courtesy of A-lab and SEA
Courtesy of A-lab and SEA

A-lab of Oslo, Norway and SEA of Copenhagen, Denmark) have collaborated for the winning design proposal in a competition for a new urban development on Skien Brygge, Norway.  The former harbor area, which occupies four hectare, is the site of a new urban community.  The site is defined by the water’s edge on the west and a steeply rising landscape on the east.

Read more about this project after the break.

Military Base / A-lab

A-lab just won a competition to design a military base in Norway which will be situated on the northern border with Russia.  The design challenge was to create a cohesive complex where work and private life coexist, and where military services meet the civil community.

More images and more about the winning design after the break.

A-Lab wins competition with Eco-Office design

The green folks at Inhabitat sent us this interesting project. This stunning energy-efficient office recently won a competition to design the 2012 location for Norway’s oil company StatoilHydro. Conceived by Oslo’s A-Lab, the modern and flexible office compound took the winning bid from a pool of some 40 entries. The new site and office center brings together two previously separated buildings, opening up more efficient communication and reducing the need for cross-town travel and courier services. Five separate wings lie on top of each other in the shape of a star, keeping particular offices regionalized while still attached.

For more information, click here. More images, after the break.