Farewell to Richard Neutra’s Cyclorama Center in Gettysburg

Richard Neutra’s Cyclorama Center at Gettysburg National Military Park. Photo via Artinfo

After a intensive, 14-year preservation battle, the fate of Richard Neutra‘s mid-century Cyclorama Center in ’s Gettysburg National Military Park has been sealed. Yesterday, the National Park Service confirmed their plans to demolish the modernist structure and restore the site to its original 1863 appearance just in time for the 150th anniversary commemoration of the battle. It is a victory for Civil War purists and a loss for 20th century architecture advocates.

As we announced last September, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia directed the park service to conduct an environmental analysis on the demolition and to consider “non-demolition alternatives” such as moving the structure or leaving part of it intact. Following the release of a 200-page analysis, the park confirmed that the service had “no need for the continued use of the building” and that it “conflicted with the overall goals of the park.”

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Nova Scotia Power Corporate Headquarters / WZMH Architects

© Tom Arban

Architects: WZMH Architects
Location: Lower Water Street, Halifax,
Design Team: Jay Bigelow, Carl Blanchaer, John White, Harrison Chan, Arnaldo Zaragoza, Jee-Young Kang, Han Tang, Grace El-Khoury, Max Veneracion, Ronald Baga, Ken Price, Janet Nowakowski
Area: 193,000 sq ft
Year: 2011
Photographs: Tom Arban, Greg Richardson, RPM Productions

CLOG: National Mall Launch

MOMA P.S.1, where CLOG hosted an event to launch the publication of their latest edition:

UPDATE: An original version of this post said the event took place on January 10th. The event will actually take place on January 20th.

The folks behind CLOG, the publication that “slows things down” and takes a good, long look at the issues facing architecture today,  are celebrating the online launch of their latest edition - National Mall - with an event at MoMA PS1 in . The event, called “THE FUTURE OF THE MEMORIAL,” which will take place on January 20th, is part of MoMA PS1′s Sunday Sessions and will include a conversation, hosted by CLOG, between Friedrich St. Florian, Nicholas Benson and Lucia Allais.

CLOG: National Mall will examine the highly symbolic space of our National Mall. As their website explains: “The Mall functions as a place of protest and celebration, as well as a place of memorialization and education.” Thus, the edition considers what it means to restore and re-build this space and, more importantly, questions: how should it be done?

Our review of National Mall is still in the works, but why not take a look at our latest CLOG reviews in the mean time?

  • CLOG: Rendering  “CLOG:  is, in my opinion, the best issue yet. Through dozens of fascinating, concise articles and a handful of illustrative, quirky images, it takes on an enormous question often over-looked in the architectural world: what is a rendering? “
  • CLOG: Data Space ”What does it look like to give the virtual, physical form? As every CLOG edition, Data Space explores “from multiple viewpoints and through a variety of means, a single subject particularly relevant to architecture now” (5) and this subject, how to design “the infrastructure of invisible data” (103), could very well be the defining question of our age.”
More info on the event here. Story via CLOG
Courtesy of Wiel Arets Architects
Courtesy of Wiel Arets Architects

Book Presentation and Signing of Wiel Arets: Autobiographical References

The Graham Foundation of Chicago will host a book presentation and signing of Wiel Arets: Autobiographical References, a new book edited by Robert McCarter and designed by Irma Boom exploring the notion of ‘A Wonderful World’. The event will take…

Marina Lofts / BIG

Courtesy of

Architects: BIG
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL,
Partners In Charge: Bjarke Ingels, Thomas Christoffersen

Project Leader: Daniel Kidd

Contributors: Chris Falla, Suemin Jeon, Andreia Teixeira, Jenny Shen, Marcella Martinez, Michael Zhang
Area: 80,000 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Courtesy of BIG

Vilamarina Building / Batlle i Roig Arquitectes

© José Hevia

Architects: Batlle i Roig Architectes – Enric Batlle, Joan Roig, Ricardo Sanahuja, Juan Manuel Sanahuja
Location: ,
Collaborators: Cristina Maragall, Laura Quintana, Antonia Fernández, Antonio Cortines, Oriol Vañó, Antonio Calvo, Patricia Pino, Oriol Marín, Jordi Gatell, Gerardo Rodríguez
Area: 197,000 sqm
Photographs: José Hevia

Herrera Studio-House / Cekada-Romanos Arquitectos

© Juan Andrés Romanos

Architects: Cekada-Romanos Arquitectos
Location: Pérez, Santa Fe Province,
Design Team: Sebastián Cekada, Juan Andrés Romanos
Structural Engineering: Gustavo Caggiano
Contractor: César Ortola
Construction Manager: Sebastián Cekada, Juan Andrés Romanos
Project Area: 66 sqm
Photographs: Juan Andrés Romanos

Courtesy of Aedes Berlin
Courtesy of Aedes Berlin

Call for Proposals: ‘SMART CITY: The Next Generation’ Exhibition

Architects, Urban Planners, Engineers, and Activists with projects in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines are invited to send their proposals for an exhibition titled ‘SMART CITY: The Next Generation’. Organized by Aedes Architecture Forum, with the Goethe Institut/South-East…

Utsunomiya Beauty School / General Design

© Daici Ano

Architects: General Design - Shin Ohori
Location: Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture,
Site Area: 1,564.10 sqm
Built Area: 716.86 sqm
Total Floor Area: 2,135.84 sqm
Photographs: Daici Ano

Courtesy of Cornell University, Department of Architecture
Courtesy of Cornell University, Department of Architecture

2013 Design for Biodiversity Symposium: Architectural Approaches to Urban Ecology

Taking place February 1-2 at Abby and Howard Milstein Auditorium, Milstein Hall at Cornell University, the Design for Biodiversity Symposium will focus on the extended threshold between building and environment. Since its emergence in the 1970s, the field of Urban…

Montblanc Police Station / taller 9s arquitectes

© Adrià Goula Sardà

Architects: taller 9s arquitectes
Location: ,
Architect In Charge: Oriol Cusidó & Irene Marzo
Area: 1,673 sqm
Year: 2008
Photographs: Adrià Goula Sardà

Smart-Stell Residence / Tonic Design + Tonic Construction

Courtesy of Tonic Design

Architects: Tonic Design
Location: , , United States
Builder: Tonic Construction
Area: 2,400 sq ft
Photographs: Courtesy of Tonic Design

Courtesy of modeLab
Courtesy of modeLab

modeLab Introduction to Simulation with Kangaroo Webinar

Taking place tomorrow, January 11th from 2:00-4:30pm EST,  modeLab‘s Introduction to Simulation with Kangaroo Webinar will apply physical properties and forces to geometry to offer a fun and interactive way to implement physics-based constraints into your parametric workflows. Through a series…

Campo de Santa Cruz / José Cabral Dias + Luís Miguel Correia

© | FG + SG

Architects: José Cabral Dias + Luís Miguel Correia
Location: Coimbra,
Authors: José Cabral Dias, Luís Miguel Correia
Collaborators: Daniel Gameiro, Luís Spranger Carvalho, Nuno Ferreira Barbosa, João Fôja, Patrícia Miguel, Vanda Correia
Year: 2008
Photographs: Courtesy of JCD+LMC, Fernando Guerra | FG + SG

Mineral Lodge / Atelier d’Architecture Christian Girard

© N.Borel

Architects: Atelier d’Architecture Christian Girard
Location: ,
Architect In Charge: Christian Girard
Design Team: Christian Girard, Christophe Hebert, T.Sugi, M.Shun, L. Capdevielle, C.Cobel
Area: 371.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: N.Borel

EVOA – Environmental Interpretation Center / Maisr Arquitetos

© Filipa Miguel Ferreira

Architects: Maisr Arquitetos
Location: Lezíria,
Area: 470 sqm
Year: 2009
Photographs: Filipa Miguel Ferreira

Offset House / Shieh Arquitetos Associados

© Fernando Stankuns

Architects: Shieh Arquitetos Associados
Location: ,
Architects In Charge: Leonardo Shieh & Shieh Shueh Yau
Project Team: Débora Zeppelini, Fabiana Almeida, Giovanna Plastina, Wellington Nagano
Structural Engineering: EMAC Projetos
Electrical & Hydraulic Engineering: CZN Engenharia
Site Area: 545 sqm
Project Area: 500 sqm
Project Year: 2012
Photographs: Fernando Stankuns

Haus am Bach / Dolmus Architekten

© Aytac Pekdemir

Architects: Dolmus Architekten
Location: , Switzerland
Architect In Charge: Gani Turunc, Cédric von Däniken, Miriam Egger, Marco Cappuccini
Area: 750.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Martin Guggisberg, Aytac Pekdemir